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MCFLY first found fame back in 2004 and became the youngest band ever to chart at number one with their debut album Room on the 3rd Floor, an award previously held by The Beatles.

Last year saw the release of the band’s fifth studio album Above the Noise which marked a distinct turnaround in their attitude and their sound. It’s packed to the brim with giddy synth rushes and unmistakable ‘whoah’ choruses, but the sound is still altogether more grown up.

Yet they are still reassuringly McFly. “This is what sets pop bands apart from rock bands,” says Danny Jones. “We’re allowed to be whatever we want to be. We aren’t confined by a set of rules. And if you’re allowed to be anything you want to be, then why not just go for it?’

“We can’t wait to rock Chester,” adds Tom Fletcher. “When we started out, we were what, 17? We were thrown into this crazy world of touring where we had so much freedom in some ways, and so little in others.

“We could order room service and mess around all day to an extent, but then we always made the decision that when it came to time to work, we’d work.”

They’ve spent the last few months touring the UK, and the world.

“First MySpace and then Twitter were very kind to us,” notes Dougie Poynter. It’s helped them to conquer the globe, one continent at a time.

“When we got to Mexico we couldn’t quite believe it,” says Harry Judd.

“People were camping out for two weeks to buy tickets,” adds Danny, “We had to have an escort to our cars in Sao Paulo. Five hundred fans were waiting at the airport.”


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The guys are set to do a live webchat from the super city this saturday as the @SuperCityHQ just posted.
That’s all the info we have for now:

McFly will be in a LIVE WEBCAST from backstage at the Music on the hill festival in Kent this Saturday evening. We can’t tell you an exact
time yet, but it will be from 6pm in the band webchat room. Make sure you’re logged on and we’ll let you know what time via Twitter.

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McFly’s fanbase have been victorious in our Fan Wars poll.

Nicknamed Galaxy Defenders, a term taken from the band’s hit track Star Girl, it was McFly fans who topped the poll to be named the best of the best.

And so we have the winners of Fan Wars 2011 – McFly’s Galaxy Defenders. Competition was tough but McFly’s loyal fanbase got together to secure their victory. With fans all over the globe, we’re not surprised the McFans did it for their boys. To borrow some lyrics/a phrase used by commenters on our site – Galaxy Defenders stay forever. Well done!


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I found this videos of Dougie and the guys performing last night at the Coca Cola Music Experience in Madrid, it’s not the entire concert of them and not the best quality but at least the sound is good. If I can find a better quality videos I’ll post them. Enjoy!


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Tom just tweeted the oficial setlist for tonight at the Coca Cola they were expected to perform at 7:30PM UK time but now they are expected for 8:30PM if there’s no more changes. So here’s the setlist.

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I added to the gallery a new pic of Dougie with Tom and Harry backstage at Alton Towers.

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The guys are going to perform tonight at the Coca Cola music Festival in Madrid and if you’re a member of the super city you would be to see the concert live from there. If you’re not a Super City member don’t worry you can see the concert live too at the Coca Cola website.
McFly’s performance is scheduled to start at 20:30 Madrid Local time. / 19:30 UK time.

Super City link Here
Coca Cola link Here

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Some fans are organizing a McFLY flashmob in Sheffield and they want to do it in September-October.. so if you wanna be a part of this amazing thing visit

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Thanks to micky from now we have more than 200 screenshots of Dougie at The Cube. You can go and check them at our gallery and take a look at her Tom site too because it’s AMAZING.


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The Birmingham Mail posted a review on his web about the Alton Towers concert and it seems that they now realize that McFLY is a great live band.. a thing that we already knew.

Spending Father’s Day watching pop JLS, McFly, The Saturdays and Eliza Doolitle wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I had visions of breakfast in bed, a round of golf and an afternoon at the pub with Steak and Chips for tea.

But being a model father I took my two eldest girls off to Alton Towers Live for their mini-pop festival and I have to say it was worth the sacrifice seeing my kids enjoy it so much.

Eliza Doolittle and The Saturdays need no introduction really after enjoying various chart successes recently, both acts got the crowd suitably warmed up with polished performances as the sun beat down on the hoards of teenage girls and families at the theme park.

Main support act McFly may have been in danger of looking like the veterans on the bill but arguably they are one of the best live acts this country has produced in recent years.

That’s not to say I’m a fan, just that their boundless enthusiam and high-octane live show can’t help but leave you impressed and the crowd loved it.

A hard act to follow for JLS in many ways and whilst they may not have had a band on stage they provided enough stage excitement which was evident when they flew up through the floor of the stage.

The screaming really started then, and to be honest it didn’t stop. I wasn’t around for Beatlemania but I would gather it was something like this.

The four piece meticulously sang, danced and stripped their way through their catalogue of chart hits and proved their worth as the headline act.

I learnt a lot at this concert, I learnt that Eliza Doolittle is a nifty little singer, The Saturdays have nice teeth, McFly are a great live band and that JLS may not be to everyone’s taste but their fans worsip them!


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