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I added to the gallery a few pics of Dougie and Tom from the Dino Book signing they did in Bluewater. Enjoy them!!


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If you haven’t bought tourplay yet read the review of it below and I’m sure you’ll want to buy it straight away:)

For all their supposed nerves, apprehension and self-confessed arrogance of putting on an 11-date arena tour, supergroup McBusted reeked of success before they’d even announced their grand plan. It now seems like an inevitable chapter, perfectly timed and a move that has brought their collective story full circle.

Back in 2005 when Charlie Simpson ditched pop for alt-rock leaving Busted bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne up shit creek without a second guitarist, it must’ve been a tough blow for McFly’s Tom Fletcher. Having been ‘cast’ in the original line-up, the label then settled on a three-piece assigning him only songwriting duties instead.

However, the demise left a McFly-shaped gap in the market for a new outfit to pick up where their ‘big brother’ finished and Fletcher was given his moment in the spotlight. Now he’s back in that original band – sort of – realising the pinnacle of both group’s lifetimes.

Just consider McBusted’s arsenal. Here’s a six-piece (comprising Bourne, Willis, Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Harry Judd) toting two hit-laden back catalogues attracting a double-strength legion of fans. Little wonder they were able to stage a whopping live production complete with Back to the Future-style car in which they make their entrance.

Live at the O2 and Tourplay (on DVD and downloadable) presents one such glorious concert featuring Busted classics What I Go To School For, Year 3000, Air Hostess and Crashed the Wedding (complete with bridal garb). Reinforcing the setlist, there’s McFly’s 5 Colours in Her Hair, Obviously and All About You. Plus a cover of the The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back with added dance moves. Every song sounds like it was originally recorded by McBusted. And despite it being years since the lads harboured lustful thoughts about their school teachers or the punky girl in class, it works.

Willis even states in the commentary that ‘being cool’ is not on their agenda – and he’s right. It never was on the table so why should that change now? Even though most of McBusted are settled down, they’re still card-carrying scamps, not taking themselves too seriously, and reaping the rewards of that refusal to deviate beyond recognition.

Supplementing the live show is a documentary about the great pop merger and tour rehearsals, peppered with reflective and slightly schmaltzy interviews offering an insight into life on a road once again travelled. From quite sweet moments – such as Bourne climbing aboard the tour bus genuinely appearing to have ‘come home’ after his hiatus, and wide-eyed flashes of them discovering the scale and detail of their epic stage set – to backstage banter about their tattoo roulette game, it makes for a story both fans and band will revel in for a while.

Is this the best boyband ever, poses one television presenter in a montage of promo clips? Well, obviously.

Check out the exclusive press conference clips below.


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While he was on holidays in Miami Dougie went to Barry’s Bootcamp to do some exercise with Ellie and here’s some pics of that day.


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With The Vamps having supported McFly on their 2013 Memory Lane tour, in the interview above, we quizzed McBusted for some inside goss.

After a few laughs, they reveal how impressed they were by The Vamps and how they knew early on how big they were going to be.

Harry talks about how cool Brad Simpson looked when he walked on stage with his guitar…

Find out what else they revealed by watching the video above.


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A few months ago I posted the scans of the Indian edition of Vogue Magazine that featured Dougie, well now we have the original pics from that session and I added them to the gallery. Enjoy!!


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I added to the gallery more than 40 new pics of Dougie and Ellie enjoying some time on the beach yesterday.


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After jetting off to Miami to ring in the New Year, Ellie Goulding and her boyfriend Dougie Poynter are starting to look very much at home in the sun-kissed Floridian city.
On Monday, the couple stepped out for a stroll on the beach, showing off their tans and taut bodies as they walked barefoot through the golden sands.

Burn singer Ellie wowed as she displayed her toned frame in a mismatched string bikini, adding a quirky touch to her ensemble with a grey baseball cap flipped backwards.

Donning a stylish pair of sunglasses, she walked beside her beau, who showed off his tattoos and athletic body in just a pair of grey shorts.

And, just to give the excursion an extra musical theme, the couple were spotted chatting with onetime chart-topper Craig David, who donned black shorts and a top.

On Sunday afternoon, the couple were spotted enjoying some quality time together as they took a trip on a luxury yacht.

The singer looked incredible in a red bandeau bikini which perfectly flattered her athletic figure, toned thanks to her daily exercise regime and penchant for running half-marathons.
Ellie protected her pale skin by mostly staying in the shade, while McBusted musician Dougie looked effortlessly cool as he soaked up the sun.
The pair are enjoying some much needed time off after a stellar year for them both professionally, with their music careers at an all-time high.


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McBusted will be on The Graham Norton Radio Show this saturday from 10am so make sure you turn on BBC Radio 2 to listen to them. You can also listen the show online HERE

Also if you are in London that day why not go support them at the radio, I’m pretty sure they would love that!

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HE had an amazing year in 2014 as a member of pop supergroup McBusted, but when Shuffle caught up with Danny Jones the topic of conversation was all about his favourite Irish band.

Singer and guitarist Jones (28) has Irish connections, and as a teenager he loved the folk-rock group, Goats Don’t Shave, who had a big hit in the ‘90s with Las Vegas (In The Hills Of Donegal).

“I was such a big fan, have you seen any of them lately?” Danny asks. “We should get Goats Don’t Shave on tour with us.”

Danny reveals that he spent a lot of his childhood holidays in Dungloe. “My uncle Andy O’Neill and auntie still live in Cruit Island and my cousin is the local doctor,” he says.

“I haven’t been up there for awhile. I hear a lot of the bars that played music have shut down in Dungloe due to the recession. That’s really sad, it upsets me.”

As Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd join us, the conversation turns to Fletcher’s wedding speech which he sang on his big day.

After Tom popped it up on YouTube, it went viral notching up 10 million views in as many days.

“I didn’t expect that reaction. I only put it up because I wanted to share it with friends and family who couldn’t be at the wedding, and I was proud of it.

“I woke up the next day to find hat it had a million views. And it got a million views a day for the next 10 days in a row. I ended up being interviewed on CNN about it.

What’s cool is that people discover our bands through that.”

These days it’s easy to forget that McBusted, who performed at Childline before Christmas, were once two bands. The supergroup comprises Matt Willis and James Bourne from Busted, and the McFly lads, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher.

“Our bands were quite incestuous anyway,” Tom explains.

“I was nearly in Busted. I did the audition but didn’t get in. That’s how McFly started. Then James and I co-wrote a lot of the Busted songs, and James co-wrote a lot of the McFly songs.”

Harry interjects to announce that he went to school with former Busted star Charlie Simpson, and that Tom and James were both in Oliver in London’s West End when they were young.

“It does seem like this was meant to be,” Tom says of McBusted.

The pairing of both groups happened by chance after McFly invited James to open their shows with an acoustic set.

“On the first night, James played a couple of songs and then he did Year 3000,” Tom recalls.

“We were watching at the side of the stage with our manager and we thought it was awesome. It started off as a Busted and McFly tour and then it evolved into this. It was going so well we thought we’d make an album and have fun.”

For the moment, McBusted hope to remain a major force in music.

But the future looks good for the supergroup. They’ve signed a mega-bucks deal with Island Records, following a bidding war with Sony.

They’re a healthy looking bunch. Dougie and Tom became vegetarians, after they watched Joaquin Phoenix’s animal rights documentary, Earthlings.

Matt Willis has been sober for four years, James barely boozes and gym-obsessed Harry is also teetotal. Which leaves Danny, who jokes: “I drink enough beer to make up for all of them.”

McBusted will play Dublin’s 3Arena on April 21, and Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on April 22.


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Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter look like they’re going from strength-to-strength as they’ve been spotted looked pretty loved-up during a boat trip in Miami.

Ellie looked b-e-a-utiful as she joined her boyfriend and a handful of their friends on the luxury yacht, as they took some time off over the Christmas period.

Meanwhile, still dark and rainy over here in the UK.

The 28-year-old Burn singer opted for a red bikini for their excursion, soaking up the sun and enjoying some relaxing time off with her 27-year-old McBusted boyfriend.

The two have been making us jealous of their American getaway over on Instagram, as Dougie helped his girlfriend celebrate her birthday with one of the most delicious-looking birthday cakes we’ve ever seen.

Guess we know where we’ll be going for our next birthday!

#Dellie also headed to a basketball game, where Ellie revealed that she’d found herself on one of the big screens being ‘happy birthday’d.’ N’aww.

Despite being hit by a whole load of engagement rumours just before the festive period, thanks to Ellie being spotted with a huge ring on THAT ring, the two have yet to confirm or deny anything, making us pretty sure that the ring is purely for decorative purposes.

Still, Dougie hasn’t been shy in talking about his plans for the future, revealing his hopes to become a father soon when he spoke to The Sun last year.
He admitted: “I can’t wait to be a dad.

“Writing children’s books has made me think about what it would be like.
“Once I’ve grasped how to look after myself, then it will be time to have a kid.”

How cute would mini Ellie and Dougies be?!
Probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but they look really happy on this Miami trip so who knows what 2015 will bring?


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