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Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter look like they’re going from strength-to-strength as they’ve been spotted looked pretty loved-up during a boat trip in Miami.

Ellie looked b-e-a-utiful as she joined her boyfriend and a handful of their friends on the luxury yacht, as they took some time off over the Christmas period.

Meanwhile, still dark and rainy over here in the UK.

The 28-year-old Burn singer opted for a red bikini for their excursion, soaking up the sun and enjoying some relaxing time off with her 27-year-old McBusted boyfriend.

The two have been making us jealous of their American getaway over on Instagram, as Dougie helped his girlfriend celebrate her birthday with one of the most delicious-looking birthday cakes we’ve ever seen.

Guess we know where we’ll be going for our next birthday!

#Dellie also headed to a basketball game, where Ellie revealed that she’d found herself on one of the big screens being ‘happy birthday’d.’ N’aww.

Despite being hit by a whole load of engagement rumours just before the festive period, thanks to Ellie being spotted with a huge ring on THAT ring, the two have yet to confirm or deny anything, making us pretty sure that the ring is purely for decorative purposes.

Still, Dougie hasn’t been shy in talking about his plans for the future, revealing his hopes to become a father soon when he spoke to The Sun last year.
He admitted: “I can’t wait to be a dad.

“Writing children’s books has made me think about what it would be like.
“Once I’ve grasped how to look after myself, then it will be time to have a kid.”

How cute would mini Ellie and Dougies be?!
Probably getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but they look really happy on this Miami trip so who knows what 2015 will bring?


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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie and Ellie yesterday in Miami where they celebrated her birthday.


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Watch below the outtakes from the Get Over it video, theres a bit of Pones, a bit of Willynter and a bit of Junes too. Enjoy!!

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Watch below the boys talking about their new year’s resolutions.

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Better later than never right? Here’s the pics of the boys signings at the HMV Stores in Leeds, Manchester and London to promote Air Guitar and their debut album. Enjoy!




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So last month Dougie did an interview with a spanish Magazine called Top Music via phone and he talked with them about McFly and McBusted and he said that they’re going to Spain in 2015 so I guess that means that they will do some promo outside the UK in Europe this year.


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Harry did an interview with OK! As the Epson Pulsense activity monitors ambassador and he talked about what the future holds for McFly, for McBusted, how it was working with the One Direction lads and married life. Watch the videos below.

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Ok we know McBusted are more a band than a boyband but METRO did this poll and they’re nominated as best boyband against One Direction, Take That and 5sos. Who is winning by now? Take That. McBusted? Last position.. so we need to vote for the boys and make them win this, we can vote as many times as we want, just refresh the page and vote again!! Vote for them HERE

2014 has been the year of the boyband. From new bands popping up, to old ones making a comeback, superbands being formed and members being lost. It was all about the boyband.

Between the four bands who seriously caught our attention this year – One Direction, 5SOS, Take That and McBusted – there were number ones, there were naked selfies, and there were some pretty awesome choons to boot.

Our writers have been put to task to champion each one to decide who should win the title of the best boyband of 2014.

But do you think they’re right? Read more, then vote in our poll.

Results will be revealed on December 31.


2014 has been the year of McBusted, with a new album, two new songs, and having to add loads more dates to their arena tour. Not to mention the giant boobs that featured on their tour, Matt Willis dying his hair pink leopard print and all of their amazingly ridiculous social media updates.

John O’Brien says:

‘Few could have expected that demand would have been so high that the Frankenband known as McBusted would be forced to extend their number of arena dates from 11 to a highly impressive 34 – a figure which far exceeds the length of their respective bands’ previous biggest tours.

McBusted may be the elder statesmen when it comes to boy-bands-with-guitars. But not only have they proved this year that they can give the new generation a run for their money, they’ve also shown signs that they might just outlast them too.’

Oh yeah, and they did this…


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On Xmas Day we had some threats from McBusted with the boys being on two Xmas Special shows on TV, Top of The Pops and Alan Carr.
You can watch them perform on both shows below.

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Congrats to our Tom!!! Well deserved!!

If we asked you to name the most talked about celeb of 2014, we’d bet our bottom dollar you wouldn’t cite Tom Fletcher of McBusted fame.

But, apparently, the internet works in weird and wonderful ways because there he is top of the pops, when it comes to Metro’s most shared celeb stories of the year. Who’d have thought it? Not us, that’s who. *Slaps knee, chortles loudly*

Also on the list; Yeezus himself, Kanye West; NHS boob job lady Josie Cunningham (yes, we used the term ‘celeb’ loosely); Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and 1980s pop sensation Rick Astley. Seems like an odd collection of people? Click the celebrity faces below to find out just why we were all chit chatting about them in 2014…

1.Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher’s adorable bump to birth video

As we all know, 2014 was the year it became totally unacceptable to announce any big news – engagements, pregnancies, births etc – via old fashion methods such as, er, I don’t know Twitter or Facebook. Cue Tom Fletcher (of McFly/McBusted fame) and wife Giovanna ‘winning the internet’ as they celebrated the birth of their Buzz Michelangelo with an adorable and not at all cringeworthy time-lapse music video, documenting Gi’s entire pregnancy in arty black and white. No prizes for guessing how this one ends.


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