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McBusted were born after an impromptu guest appearance on McFly’s 10th anniversary tour set tongues wagging with praise. Having sold out an extended arena tour last year, the boys have finally released their eponymous debut album and have announced their second arena tour, M.E.A.T. With the boys heading over to Australia to support One Direction on tour ahead of their UK headline dates. We were lucky to quickly catch a few moments with Danny, James and Harry to chat about what lies ahead.

Your second tour is just around the corner. It comes in the wake of your debut album – how will you piece together the setlist?

Danny: We are very aware of what the fans want. It worked so well last time that we can’t just play our hits. We learnt a lot from last year about what worked and what didn’t work with the setlist. We have mastered that and added a few of our favourite new songs in, but not too many as you know what fans want. There is nothing worse than going to see a band and just seeing them play just their new material.

James: Hits make bands and hits please fans.

Danny: So it is all our hits and our future hits.

McBusted is still relatively young as a band. How has the dynamic changed over the last year and a half?

James: It’s old now!

Harry: In Busted years it’s almost breaking point!

James: It’s almost time to wrap it all up – time to not overstay the welcome! It’s very strange as it doesn’t feel like the band has been together very long, but that just makes you realise how short Busted was.

Harry: That was nearly over by now. This has just gone so quickly for us.

Danny: Also the music industry has changed a lot.

James: Busted was very fast though.

Harry: It was a flash in the pan.

Busted and McFly’s journeys were very different. What did you learn from the past to bring to the table this time around?

James: I don’t know how to apply it to McBusted as Busted was very much its own thing, with different influences at play.

Harry: I think we are all more on the same page than what Charlie was in Busted. I can’t speak for him but I am guessing that is the case. Matt and James are wanting the same thing.

James: Charlie was young when we were in Busted. When he left Busted he was 19 years old, so just like any 19 year old, he wasn’t going to think logically.

Harry: They are not going to think they are young as well. At the time you just think you need to crack on.

James: 19 is quite a hard age. You can’t hold yourself to all the things you decide when you are 19 later on. You make mistakes. I am not saying Charlie made a mistake, I think he feels he made the right decision. What I am saying is that now we all think a little more rationally about the way stuff is. We know how fortunate we are to have what we have with the band and that people want to see it. We are lucky as lots of bands don’t have people that want to see them. As we are all able to appreciate what we have, there is less chance of anything mental kicking off.

Does that make for a very different dynamic?

Danny: I think what is unique about this is that we have been through that with our own bands. We have come into this with 10 years experience. We all know how to control our egos and differences, so we can just get on with it. You make the right decisions as a team and go forward with it.

Harry: You are right there, you do have to look at the bigger picture. There will always be different opinions.

Danny: There are six voices to be listened to.

Harry: Which can make it harder. But the good thing is that it doesn’t all hinge on McBusted. It doesn’t matter if it all goes to pot. We’ve got McFly and James has got all sorts of musical writing going on and Matt is an actor, so our life does not depend on McBusted. That is a nice reassurance to have.

James: What is amazing about it is that I had really adjusted to life without being in a band. I was excited about the things I was doing. Being in a band has reminded me how amazing it is, but it isn’t as if I would question what life were about now if I didn’t have it there.

Harry: It wouldn’t be a case of this finishing and us being like, what the hell am I going to do?

James: Exactly.

Harry: It’s the same for us. There is not as much pressure, so we are able to just enjoy it. Everyone asks how long this is going to last and I just say ‘I don’t know’. I don’t care as we just think what will be, will be.

James: We get asked a lot if this is forever. How is anyone meant to know that? I know this is two bands that have come together, but if you just think that any band is a group of people that have come together, would you ask them ‘is it forever?’

Harry: It’s almost like a couple getting together for the first time and people asking if it’s forever. You just don’t know. You just have to see. At the moment it’s cool and it’s going well.

Even though the fans are loving McBusted, there still seems to be a lot of pressure for more McFly releases. How does that feel?

Harry: A lot of the McFly fans have been really pushing that on us, understandably, as we hadn’t released a record in a while. We had been trying to make the right record. Eventually we got around to it and then this happened. Basically I don’t think the McFly record was great but in hindsight I don’t think it was the record McFly should have been making now.

James: When something is going to happen and it is really going to happen, stuff gets interrupted and gets put on hold. Because McBusted wasn’t planned, it just blind-sighted us all. People weren’t ready for it, but it was just a case of it happening as it happened. This was completely unpredictable. It came out of nowhere, a bit like Busted did the first time. Nobody expected and so everything else takes a bad seat.

Harry: I really don’t think that McFly album was meant to be. I understand people’s frustration. The album is ready, but that represents two years ago. As a band you really care about what you put out and I am not sure that it fully represents us. McBusted is a lot of fun and it has taken the pressure off us. McFly is so close to us, it means a lot.

Danny: And people put a lot of pressure on.

Harry: It’s our life and McBusted just took that pressure off. We went on tour and it sold out 36 arenas, so we feel ready and rejuvenated for that again at some point.


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McBusted were at Nova yesterday in Sydney and during their interview with Smallzy they read some bits of 50 Shades of Grey and covered Ellie’s song from the movie, ‘Love Me Like You Do’. Listen below to the cover and the interview and watch them reading 50 shades of grey.

So everyone is pretty 50 Shades of Grey crazy right now with the movie in cinemas so soon, with McBusted in the studio Smallzy thought he’d get the boys to read some passages from the book and get their thoughts!
You can imagine their reaction…hilarious!

Hey boys, don’t quit your day jobs, reading steamy fiction might not be your thing!

Warning NSWF…they say “genitals” a lot and it wasn’t even in the passage they were reading!

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Watch below some videos of the boys arriving to Sydney and also some pics.


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McBusted had a meet and greet/Q&A session with a few lucky fans in Tokyo today and the event was streamed live, you can watch it now below and also DIE with me after watching the game the boys played with the fans. As I said on twitter this morning.. wish all McBusted’s meet and greets were like this one..


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Watch below a video of the boys arriving to Tokyo yesterday and some pics with fans at the airport.


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You can watch the videos HERE


See the world through McBusted’s eyes as they talk about a world record breaking show coming to Echo Arena

How does the world look through McBusted’s eyes? Can the world really be as awesome as they tell us? We lent the band a Googleglass – a hands-free wearable computer and camera – to record a McBustedview of being in Liverpool – here’s what their interview with the ECHO looked like.

Last year we saw the birth of pop supergroup McBusted.

Following the success of their brief reunion at the Royal Albert Hall on McFly’s tenth anniversary concert, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd joined forces with James Bourne and Matt Willis to form supergroup McBusted for a full UK arena tour, with two shows in the city.

Fans were clamouring for the guys to take the Busted/McFly reunion to the next level and now they’re going to, under the moniker McBusted, they will perform not only the Busted and McFly hits, but also new material from their debut album.

Together Busted and McFly have sold 15 million records worldwide and chalked up 14 number ones, 20 top 3 singles and 27 top ten singles. We caught up with the band in their dressing room to find out more.

So what can we can we look forward to from your Liverpool gig?

James: It’s going to be the best show we’ve ever done.

Matt: You know how with software you get new versions? Well this is going to be McBusted 2.0.

Danny: There’s a world record.

Can you say what that is?

Matt: It would spoil the surprise if we did, you’ll have to come and see the show!

Dougie: But it’s going to be pretty amazing.

Danny: Every gig we do is epic, so this has to be that bit more epic. If people came last time we want to top that, to make it even better.

Are you looking forward to spending some time in Liverpool as part of the tour?

Tom: We always have a great time in Liverpool. It’s a dream of a place to play as a musician – the heritage is amazing, plus you just love your music.

How about the fans:

Harry: It’s hard to say one place has better fans than others. We’re very lucky that everywhere we go our fans are awesome.



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LET’S go back to the year 2000. My formative high-school years.

Think velcro satchels, one-too-many badges, frayed bootcut baggy jeans, family sized tubs of hairgel, Walkmans, Tony Blair, Live & Kicking, a cumbersome Nokia 3310 and a crumpled Smash Hits magazine.

Brit pop punk bands Busted and, later on, McFly were ruling the world.

When Busted split in 2005 it was as poignant as Ginger walking out of the Spice Girls in 1998. A turbulent time.

Of course, it was McFly that continued flying the flag for buoyant pop-punk for the past ten years. 2014’s news that McFly (Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry) and Busted (Matt and James without Charlie) were to unite and form ‘McBusted’ has got some of us feeling all nostalgic.

It is the era of noughties band reforms, after all (911, Five, Atomic Kitten, etc. Now if only N*SYNC could merge with the Backstreet Boys…)

Not all have been this successful, mind. McBusted sold out 35 arena dates back in 2014, and now will be touring with their Most Excellent Adventure Tour this year.

I meet McBusted in the Manchester Arena before they perform in the city on 21 March. They all crash in with their answers like six unsteady toddlers on a mission to headbutt each other. It’s chaotic and a little silly. As the last person to interview them they’re restless and also hungry. So I winged it.

If we could sack this interview off and go eat right now – where would you go in Manchester?

Tom: That Italian place, Rosso, is really good.

James: [Shouts] Let’s just go to Reds True BBQ, right now.

Matt: So the best place for a burger is either Solitas – or Reds True BBQ?

Danny: Solita is really dirty though. Are they the ones that put crisps on everything?

James: I have to say, Manchester is one my favourite places out of London.

Reds True BBQ, it is…

Guys, since you’re now a supergroup, if you could fuse with another band to become a super-duper-group, which would you choose?

Dougie: The Beatles.

Harry: We’d be too starstruck with The Beatles – and they’d be so pissed if they had to play one of our songs.

James: [Sings a Busted, Beatles mash-up] Air Hostess (yeah, yeah, yeah) I like the way you dress (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Danny: I think it would be good to have some female energy in the band.

Maybe go for something different? Run DMC are fans of rock fusion…

James: You know what we need? A bit of toughness, a bit of street klout. We need  a bit of Linkin Park. Or Limp Biskit. McBusKit

Tom: McBustedFighters – you know, the Foo Fighters?

If you could fuse with an animal – become a superhuman – which would you choose?

Matt: So not like Spiderman, but half human half animal – with animal parts?


Danny: Like Nicki Minaj? She has the bum of a spider.

Matt: No it’s more like when you draw a cock. Like her backside looks like comedy balls.

H: She has a nice tush. I was surprised when I first saw her pictures.

H: You know what I would fuse Dougie with? I would keep his bottom half and the rest would just be a horse. Then we’d put a hat on top. A Centaur.

T: James head poking out of a tortoise. Or Giraffe’s neck.

Dougie: (To Tom) Your limbs would be Daddy Long Legs, legs

OK, let’s get serious…

Has joining this group got you feeling all nostalgic about the early noughties?

M: At the beginning yes. I remember the first day rehearsing with you guys. Dougie was ill.

Dougie: I threw up and Matt gave me a t-shirt that I wear to bed. He gives me all these t-shirts I wear to bed – and all really offensive t-shirts. (Whispers to Matt)

M: Yeah, it said something about Satan.

M: But yeah, I felt nostalgic playing the songs I hadn’t played for 10 years. I probably should have been practicing. It was good. We have had a bit of nostalgia but I think we’ve moved on from that.

Six people is a lot in one band. Have you suffered with any ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ moments?

M: We tried to write as a six piece and it didn’t work. We broke up into little groups and fucked around.

D: Too many cocks spoil the song.

D: It becomes a cock broth.

J: The name of our next album would be ‘Cock Broth’.

Were you surprised with how well you’ve been received as ‘McBusted’?

Danny: We didn’t expect to do another tour, or another album and here we are.

J: It exceeded all our expectations. We did expect a few people would want to see it, as it’s the two bands together and there’s a lot of hits between us but it got to a level that we didn’t think possible.

M: If we had sold out those eleven dates and that was it we would have been super happy. But it carried on.

J: A good idea that we were nervous about became a very good idea.

Do you feel your fan base has split into two camps: Busted and McFly – or have they all come together?

J: There are some McFly fans that would wish I’d go away.

M: “I wish those Busted motherfuckers were dead.”

J: So yeah, it’s mainly a McFly fanbase.

To: But you’re popular in Japan aren’t you James?

J: I was voted the second most popular solo artist and I wasn’t even a solo person. Avril Lavigne was number one.

Dougie: I think they think you look like Monkey…

M: He was a TV character in the 70s who was a fucking huge deal and he looks like fucking James.

So are you McBusted for the forseeable future?

J: Is McBusted FORVER do you mean?

H: Forever sounds like purgatory and that’s not a fun thing.

J: Why is it that people have to know if this is forever or not? Nobody knows what will happen, and you shouldn’t know the future.

Let’s stay in the present then, what can we hope for this Most Excellent Adventure Tour?

Matt: If they came to the last one they’re going to like this one. It’s got an arcade theme.

Harry: [laughs] Is that all you have to say?



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Supergroup McBusted are going back on the road through March and April, following on from their massively successful 2014 tour.

Last year, the band took to arenas around the country for the first time as McBusted, and they even headlined British Summer Time in Hyde Park.

The band, who put on a great show last year have spoken briefly about what fans can expect this year and if we know anything, we know they’re not afraid to try different things.

Last year featured a mixture of both group’s biggest hits, funny video packages and hanging above the stage, three inflatable breasts, yes three, we’re not sure why – but why not!

The tour will kick off on the 12th of March in Glasgow for two dates before the band head off to the likes of Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham.

This will lead them into April where the ‘Air Guitar’ superstars will perform in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Dublin and Belfast to name but a few – the full list shown below.

McBusted’s Matt Willis spoke with the Nottingham Post and confessed that the band believe they have topped the shows they put on last year.

He revealed: “It’s different from the last tour. Last tour was amazing and we tried really hard to make it the best possible show for people who came.

“When you have something that’s really big and amazing, it’s quite hard to top that. But we think we’ve done it. Everything looks awesome, we sound better and the set list is a killer.”

Earlier this month it was revealed that McBusted would be supporting worldwide phenomenon’s One Direction on their tour next month.

The group confirmed the news in a YouTube video and explained that they will be supporting One Direction on their ‘On The Road Again 2015′ tour which kicks off in Australia.

If you haven’t heard their debut single ‘Air Guitar’ which was the first to be lifted from their self-titled debut album then check out this live performance below.


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