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Dougie recently did an interview and a photoshoot with the photographer Thomas Wood where he talks about photography, his life in L.A. and acting. You can read it below and check all the pics on the gallery.


Thomas Wood: How’re you finding it being back in the UK?

Dougie Poynter: Hate it! It’s been like this for days – not quite rain but just spitting and I suck with the jetlag out here. I’m okay.. I’m not getting up too late but 10am for me is late. So I’m absolutely knackered and not waking up naturally at all, and I’ve got an old alarm clock. You know the style with the bell? Going absolutely nuts! My bed’s on a mezzanine level and it sometimes falls off that and lands in the living room. So yeah, not really enjoying being back at the moment.

Tom: Yeah we both flew back from LA on the same day, I feel we’re in a very similar mindset. Are you just starting to get back into that day to day routine here?

Dougie: Yeah, I’ve sort of hit the ground running coming back here with work pretty much straight away. I think I had a to day to try and settle and then went straight back into acting classes here. What else was there, there’s been a couple of events.

Tom: I think the British Fashion Awards stand out to me. How were they?

Dougie: Oh yeah, Haha! Yeah, so there was that thing. Which was really cool! I think that was a couple of days after I’d come back.

Tom: Which I suppose helps coming back knowing you’ve got things to do. Although do you find events like that enjoyable or is it sometimes more of a chore?

Dougie: No, no! I enjoy it! Especially with the jet lag as that actually works in your favour then. You’re hanging out at you know, 12 at night and the awards are going on and I was completely wide-awake. Usually by 1am I’m done. I’m like ‘I cannot keep my eyes open I have to leave!’ But I found myself at the after party until 4am, just chatting because I was completely wide-awake. It was at the Royal Albert Hall so it felt really grand and epic!

Tom: Hah! Yeah totally get that, really eccentric. It looked amazing. I saw one image of the stairs leading up to the hall that looked incredible.

Dougie: Oh yeah! Dude, it was like you were going to the opera back in the early 1900’s or something. Everyone’s dressed in their best and you walk through these grand entrances and past the Royal Albert Hall organs. All of the designers are literally in one place, which is fucking cool. And there’s some big names there too: – to see people like that I’m always like ‘Fuck! Those people have had a huge impact on culture and they’ve done so much with their lives and it’s really fucking awesome’

Tom: Yeah, I love shit like that. Always really motivating, I think. It’s great you’ve had bits to come back to though and have a bit of a routine. Like where I live not much goes on, it’s a bit of a ghost town in creative and artistic sense. LA was right at the other end of that spectrum, everyone seems to be pushing boundaries all the time and there’s so much good energy.

Dougie: Dude, it’s everywhere, right? Like even the other night in LA when we went for dinner.

Tom: At café 101? The really art deco design and general vibe of there was cool.

Dougie: Yeah café 101. There’s just something about that kind of space that doesn’t feel like it’s from now, like they’ve literally kept it in a time warp.

…keep reading.

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I added to the gallery a few more pics of Danny and Georgia at the Military Awards last night.


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Last night two of the boys went out in London, Danny went to the Military Awards and Dougie attended the Wonderland Magazine Winter Issue Launch. You can check the pics below.



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According to Dan Wooton Dougie has got a new movie role in an independent british film. *edited* now this news have been confirmed! ongrats Dougie!!!!

The pop star has bagged himself the role of hero Hale in the new film

DOUGIE POYNTER’s superpower isn’t just slapping the bass.

The McFLY star will soon have even more magic in his fingertips after bagging a part in a new superhero movie.

I’ve learned Dougie has been cast as hero Hale in Brit flick The Academy. It’s a huge deal for him as he has been plugging away doing auditions and having acting lessons in Los Angeles as he bids to get his Hollywood career off the ground.

Last night a source said: “Dougie is delighted to have landed a part in The Academy and can’t wait to get stuck into his role.

“It’s a proper independent British movie so there will be loads of freedom in terms of what he can do.

“The film’s makers have created a completely original superhero universe set in a university-type situation where all the students have superpowers.

“One breathes fire, another controls electricity and one has the strength of ten men.

“Dougie’s character is focal to the storyline as he ends up being captured in a big plot twist. He starts shooting in mid-January.”

Dougie’s co-stars include BRIAN BOVELL, best known for his roles in Coronation Street and Hollyoaks as well as a recent appearance in BBC drama The Missing.

The Academy is Dougie’s second big-screen casting after I revealed earlier this year that he had landed the male lead in comedy film Kat and the Band as his first professional role.

It’s set to be a very busy 2017 indeed for Dougie as I’m told he is also heading back into the studio with McFly.

An insider said: “McFly are all getting together in January for a writing trip to start work on their new album.

“Dougie is going to have a lot on his plate in the new year but he’s excited.”

All he needs now is the superpower to stop time to cram it all in.


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Danny attended tonight in London the The Sun Military Awards ceremony and they looked stunning!!! See the pics in the gallery below!


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Watch below a new interview of Tom talking about The Christmasaurus with Audible, you may or may not see him singing aswell.:P

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Harry got interviewed during the pride of sport awards last week and he said that Buzz is a better drummer than him at his age.

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This interview of Tom promoting The Christmasaurus is from December 8th, but I just found the video and I wanted to share it with you guys. Watch it below!

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Totally agree with everything that is said.

TOM Fletcher put on an heartfelt performance of his Christmasaurus play, leaving viewers emotional.

The McFly singer joined the star-studded line up on Tuesday Night’s Royal Variety Performance.
But instead of rocking the stage with his band, Tom appeared solo as he put on a heartfelt performance of his new children’s musical the Christmasaurus.

The play is based on Tom’s book of the same name.

It sees the adventures of a young boy names William Trundle and a dinosaur, who meet on Christmas Eve and go on a magical adventure.

The play won’t hit the stage until December next year, but the singer treated fans to a sneak preview of what’s to come.

However, viewers were no doubt not expecting the performance to be as emotional as it was.

Taking to Twitter, several viewers were quick to comment on how Tom’s vocals left viewers near tears.

“Balling at @TomFletcher on #RoyalVarietyPerformance,” said one fan.

While another said: “Okay @TomFletcher why you gotta play me like this? I wasn’t ready for emotions tonight… #RoyalVarietyPerformance.”

A third said: “@TomFletcher The Christmasaurus was amazing, teared up at your first song! My class love reading the book xx #RoyalVarietyPerformance.”

A fourth wrote: “@TomFletcher I’m in tears. What an amazingly talented young man you are! You must be so proud @MrsGiFletcher #RoyalVarietyPerformance #love.”

A fifth person commented: “How does Tom Fletcher always manage to tug at my heartstrings when I don’t have a heart #RoyalVarietyPerformance.”

While a sixth added: “Who opened the flood gates?! Blubbering mess! #thechristmasauruslive #RoyalVarietyPerformance @TomFletcher.”

With another adding: “@TomFletcher – I’m weeping. Beautiful.” #RoyalVarietyPerformance.”

The McFly singer’s appearance comes just days after he announced an exciting collaboration with his wife Giovanna.

The dad of 2 year old Buzz and 10 month old Buddy has revealed that Giovanna is going to be taking a starring role.

Revealing the exciting news on Instagram, Tom told his 1.4 million followers: “That’s right…@mrsgifletcher is going to be starring in The Christmasaurus LIVE!!!!”

Tom had previously teased the announcement when he first shared the news about the live show.

He wrote: “The Christmasaurus LIVE! Is coming to the Eventim Apollo London on Friday December 22nd 2017, featuring music, magic, me and some very special guests (to be announced).”


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Watch below Tom during this year’s Royal Variety show presenting a preview of The Christmasaurus Musical that he is gonna perform at the Hammersmith Apollo next year. Make sure to get your tissues ready because you are gonna cry watching this amazing performance.
Also remember you can buy your tickets for the shows HERE

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