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Actually this interview shows what I always this time said by the boys themselves, we want them to play outside the UK and they want that too but why it never happens?? Sales, money,promotion…FANS are the ones who can make that happen.

Flash back to the early 2000s and Busted and McFly were two of the biggest boy bands in the UK, with eleven number one singles and numerous arena tours between them.

Sadly things came to a premature end for Busted when lead singer Charlie Simpson opted to pursue his more metal musical leanings following the boys’ second album.
McFly, however, stuck together through better or worse (cough cough the Lindsay Lohan movie ‘Just My Luck’).

During their tenth anniversary shows, McFly invited two of the Busted boys (Matt Willis and James Bourne) to join them on stage for a couple of Busted songs. The success of these one-off performances led to a hugely successful UK arena tour as McBusted, which even included a stadium date at Hyde Park, with Backstreet Boys as their opening act!
Now armed with a self-titled album, the McBusted boys are are currently on Australian shores playing the support role on the One Direction tour and are set to perform two headline shows from this Sunday.

We sent Brad along to meet the boys whilst they were in town and to chat about all things McBusted… just when he could get a word in!

The currently on-hiatus McFly, made up of singer/guitarists Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher, bass player Dougie Poynter and drummer Harry Judd, were particularly excited to return to the country where they recorded their fourth album ‘Radio : ACTIVE’ in 2008.

“That was a really exciting time for us,” Tom recalls. “The album before (2006’s ‘Motion In The Ocean’) was recorded in the middle of Ireland and it was really good going away somewhere where we were kind of isolated, so I guess we’d had a taste of it before. We just thought, ‘Hmmm what if Ireland was Australia?’”

“Our manager assured us that it would be the same cost to do it in Australia,” Harry rationalizes. “Was it?” Matt asks.

“I don’t know! We were just like ‘We HAVE to go and record on a beach in Australia’,” Harry laughs.

It was the band’s first trip down under, as they had previously never made a concentrated effort to release their music here during the earlier part of their career. But the boys tell us that Australia wasn’t the only country to miss out.

“It was a missed opportunity,” Harry concedes. “Our singles and albums were No.1 in the UK and we did arena tours, but for some reason we were never an international priority.”

“The excuse always used to be ‘You have to focus here because it’s going well here’,” James adds in relation to Busted’s lack of international success.

“That’s so true, that was exactly what the fucking excuse was!!” Matt chimes in.

“Things are picked up so much easier with the internet now,” Harry says. ”We still get messages from fans all around the world begging us to come out.”

Sadly it’s not just online demand from fans that dictate when an artist will get a promotional push into a new territory.

“Different areas have to fund you going over, so it becomes a little bit political,” Danny explains. “If you’re already making money somewhere it will fund you to go there. Then you promote yourself and everyone makes more money in that territory. You rely on your label to push you in these different territories and help you out, whereas we just want to go where people want to hear us.”

“Sorry,” Matt interrupts. “I’m just looking at Katie (the guys’ Universal Music rep) subconsciously going ‘Yes… push us…let us reimburse you’,” he laughs cheekily.

The boys tell us that despite wives, pop star girlfriends and babies, they are determined to make their presence felt here.

“We just bring them all with us!” Dougie, boyfriend to Ellie Goulding, laughs. “This support slot is a huge opportunity for us, we’re doing as much promo as possible. We love it here and we feel like if we can make it work then absolutely we will come back.”

“If you’re going to break anywhere, you want to break somewhere you want to go on holiday,” Tom adds.

Both bands previously had varied chart success in Australia; ‘What I Go To School For’ by Busted just missed the top 20 in 2003 and McFly’s ‘Love Is Easy’ peaked at No. 12 a couple years back.
Although it’s the group’s highest charting song, don’t expect to hear the latter at a McBusted gig.

“Love Is Easy’ doesn’t really fit the McBusted sound,” Dougie explains. “We just want to keep the energy up. Also as much as our back catalogue has been amazing for us, we have a new album that we want to play as well. The McFly and Busted songs we do need to complement them.”

One of the highlights of their self-titled album is the new single ‘Get Over It’. The up-tempo punk pop track comes with a particularly mischievous video.

“Normally we look into video treatments quite a lot and maybe change things or get a bit arsey about stuff,” Matt admits. “But when this one came through we were just like, ‘Yep’.”

“The director was a really cool guy, “ Tom divulges. “He came over to my house to talk me through the scenes and stuff. It was really good to see how much he cared about our song. The guy in the gorilla suit was a bit of a diva though!”

Unlike many of their fellow early 2000s counterparts, McBusted didn’t use a reality show, such as ‘The Big Reunion’, to announce their merge.

“It wouldn’t have worked for us,” Harry insists. “As good as ‘The Big Reunion’ was, it really focused on the desperate moments and sad vibes of them breaking up. McFly never broke up! It’s not a reunion for us and McFly and Busted together aren’t a reunion either”
…keep reading.

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With just under a month to go until McBusted kick off their spring arena tour, Stereoboard have teamed up with Eventim UK to bring you another Gig Of The Week Competition, with a pair of tickets for McBusted’s show at Leeds’ First Direct Arena on March 18 up for grabs. The competition closes on Monday February 23 at 12pm – get your entry in now!

Having sold out 35 arena dates last year, the boyband supergroup take to the road for another arena tour, with shows in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Brighton, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Dublin and Belfast between March 12 and April 22.

McBusted released their self-titled debut album last December.

Stereoboard, in association with Eventim UK, are giving away a pair of tickets to see McBusted live at Leeds’ First Direct Arena on March 18, 2015.

To enter our competition just leave your entry details HERE. The competition closes, and the winner will be notified on Monday February 23. Enter now for your chance to win (Winners must be 18+ or accompanied by an adult and able to make their own way to the venue).


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Before Harry Judd flew off on tour with McBusted, we caught up with him to discuss how he maintains his impeccable physique and why his wild McFly days are firmly behind him.

Being a drummer must work out your arms. Do you ever practice your Strictly Come Dancing moves to keep fit?

I go to the gym maybe five times a week. I don’t keep up the dancing. It’s hard to. Where do you go? In the show you’re one on one with the professional. That’s the amazing thing about it.

You were named as an ambassador for the Epson Pulsense activity monitors – what made you want to get involved?

I got involved with Epson because it fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I did a couple of marathons and I got a problem with my heart from the training that I did. It would have been handy to have one of these at the time.

Your first arena tour as McBusted was huge. Did you expect that response?

We were pretty surprised and shocked. It was the biggest UK arena tour of the year I never could have predicted that.

What’s it like being on tour now that you’re all a bit older?

It’s a different audience. I think they’re generally a bit older. I think for Busted they had really young fans and hysterical teenagers – don’t get me wrong they still like us – but they’re not as hysterical. What’s weird is when you see 13-year-olds in the audience who were barely born when we first started.

Do you interact with fans a lot?

We go through phases. I’ll do a week where I’ll reply every day. I don’t reply to everyone otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. As soon as you reply to one they’re like ‘Quick he’s online’ and my Twitter stops working because I get that many.

How is it working with Busted? Did it all feel natural?

We’ve worked quite a lot with them in the past so it wasn’t that foreign at all.

Do you all go wild when you’re on tour together?

No, it’s very reserved. A few people go for drinks after gigs but I go straight to bed.

How do you split up the songwriting?

There are a few song writers. I’d say the main two are Tom and James – Danny as well. We all write. We split off into groups of no more than four. Often one person will have an idea and say what do you think of this and we’ll go from there.

Where do you guys get inspiration for your songs – there are a lot of pop culture references on the new album?

With this album we had a lot of fun. There aren’t many songs that take themselves too seriously. In some there is a message, but the McBusted album is a pop album, whereas the McFly stuff is deeper. It’s satisfying doing both styles but I find it easier doing the pop stuff and writing funny things about Miley Cyrus.

How would you describe the sound of the McBusted album?

It’s more Busted than McFly. The tour was a lot of fun so we thought that was the way to go. No one was up for writing about serious stuff. I think the next stuff we do will be a bit different.

What does the future hold for McBusted?

We haven’t really planned it. We’re doing the tour but we don’t know what will happen after that.


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We finally have the video of this amazing cover of the Ellie Goulding song ‘Love Me Like You Do’ that McBusted did a few days ago during their interview on Nova FM. Watch the video below and enjoy it as much as I do. PERFECT vocals of Danny, Matt and Tom in the song. Surprised that Dougie doesn’t even sing in the chorus though.

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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie and Ellie arriving to Adelaide last monday and then some from them out and about in the city for lunch too.



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This is actually a really good setlist that the guys could look at before doing the actual one, I would add more songs obviously but it’s a good start. What do you guys think? What 10 songs would you choose?

McBusted – made up of all four members of McFly and the two best members of Busted – landed in Australia last week as they joined One Direction for their Up All Night Tour, supporting the boys across the nation and no doubt securing themselves some new fans along the way. I’ve been a big fan of both McFly and Busted for as long as I can remember; in 2006, when Girls Aloud came to Australia, I met them wearing a McFly cap. When The Fly’s ill-fated Lindsay Lohan movie Just My Luck began showing in cinemas, I made all of my friends sit through it – and on more than one occasion. When James Bourne started the band Son of Dork, I was on board, and when his younger brother started making waves in Hollywood Ending I proudly jumped onto their bandwagon. I have every single, every album and – despite having never actually watched them on tour in the UK – every McFly Tour Program the blokes have everreleased. I bloody love them.

McFly’s last visit to an Australian stage was 2009 for the Push Over festival, an all-ages event that certainly left me – QUITE LITERALLY – sticking out like a sore thumb amidst a crowd of (mostly) teenage girls. The show was undeniably brilliant, running at just under an hour long. After the show had finished we were all given the chance to get one item signed (“No photos!” a minder yelled out to the line every few minutes), to which I got their very first (of MANY) Attitude Magazine covers signed; you know, the one with them all in the buff on the front? Danny looked up at me just after he signed my magazine and said “We saw you singing along to all of the words in the crowd! Thank you for coming!” To say I was a little stunned and lost-for-words would be an understatement; in the end there was a definitive positive to being the tallest person in a crowd of screaming girls.

I got into Busted not long before they split, so had they even made it  to Australian shores I would have just missed ou, so the union between them and McFly was always going to be something of a holy venture for me. Once they’d announced a Melbourne sideshow, away from the One Direction tour, I pounced on my credit card and purchased a ticket in the third row. Criminally, I missed out on a Meet and Greet ticket by bloody MINUTES (something I am STILL kicking myself over), but the fact that I’m going to see two of my absolute all time faves live in concert, from the third row… AND IN MELBOURNE! UNBELIEVABLE.

To celebrate McBusted’s tour of Australia, I thought I’d casually list ten songs (in alphabetical order) that I’d very much like to hear at their Melbourne show next Tuesday at the Palais Theatre. Wha’dya say boys? Feel like playing any of the following monsters?

Oh and also; Danny, Dougie, Harry, James, Matt and Tom – please feel free to flick a Meet & Greet pass my way for your Melbourne gig. I won’t tell anybody I promise!

Obviously (HA!) they are going to play this; the lead single from McBusted’s self-titled debut is a strong, pulsing rock track with a seriously infectious chorus.

How many bands made up of blokes can get away with singing a song called “How’s My Hair?” Worried the lady they like will see their hair-dids all unkempt, our heroes sing “Dude, don’t lie to me. Tell me straight; don’t lie to me. How’s My Hair?” It is Danny Jones’ middle-8, however, that steals the show, both lyrically and vocally: “I comb it to the left, I comb it to the right. I try it sticking up but it just don’t feel right!” Amazing.

A right corker that takes a beautiful page right out of the classic Queen songbook.

A magical moment from Danny Jones that’s taken from McFly’s first album 5 Colours In Her Hair, “Not Alone” is a huge a testament to the songwriting abilities of Jones, who writes and sings his heart out on this perfect ballad.

Adorable and ridiculous. The “Riding with no hands” bit is the best.

McFly’s most soaring chorus to date? Danny Jones stealing all of the limelight with that middle-8.

One of the mightiest rock ballads of all time, with a bloody breathtaking finale. This is probably my favourite of their singles.

Busted’s best single – hands down. Sorry to fans of ‘School’ or ‘Air Hostess’, but this was always my chosen jam from the three-piece.

The absolute BEST song from McFly’s Wonderland LP and probably my favourite song of theirs ever. Not quite sure why this was never made a single, a fact that quite often keeps me up at night.

The B-side to Busted’s ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ and their second best song.

The men of McFly and Busted are some of the most gifted lyricists, songwriters and musicians I have ever come across in music. They understand pop as strongly as they understand rock, and have a way around a rock middle-8 unlike anyone else in the business right now.

If you liked this list and are keen on catching the boys while they’re in Oz, you can see them this Sunday, the 22nd of February at Sydney’s Metro Theatre (buy tickets), or next Tuesday, the 24th of February at St. Kilda’s Palais Theatre in Melbourne (buy tickets). Who knows, I might even see you at the Melbourne show! I’ll be the 6ft 4 bloke in the third row, sporting a McBusted tee and quietly entering into complete live music bliss.


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Watch below a video of McBusted being interviewed on the Australian’s version of The Today Show.

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Listen below to Shad and Harry from the Radio Hot100 in Australia interviewing Matt the other day. Matt’s interview starts around the 7:13 mark.

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Listen below to an interview with James on Australian Power Pack radio.

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During their interview with Shazam Top 20 in Australia the boys were asked about 5sos, watch below what they said about them:)


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