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First McFly and Busted joined forces for McBusted, and now the supergroup are entertaining the idea of adding ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik into the mix.

When Digital Spy caught up with McBusted fresh from opening for One Direction, we asked what might happen if recently departed member Malik wanted to be initiated into McBusted.

“I’d say, ‘If I was you I wouldn’t because it’s not quite going to be the same as One Direction. I mean you can get a car somewhere but not a jet’,” Harry Judd said.

“Well we can get him an UberX,” Matt Willis quipped.

But when talk moved to plans for a second album, the group jested that they might end up giving Zayn a phonecall after all.

“I feel like we’ve only just stopped the process of the first one… When it gets to like September we’ll probably sit down and go, ‘Right, what’s next’,” WIllis said.

“We’ll probably sit down in September and go, ‘Get Zayn on board’,” Harry chipped in.

As for their chosen name – “Zayn from One Direction’s New Band and Friends” – it could need some work…

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD now.


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‘Well spank my a** and call me Charlie Simpson’ – Dougie Poynter

If you cast your minds back to, erm, April, you might recall that we bopped along to McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour at London’s O2 Arena, and had probably one of the best night’s of our lives.

The show was fun, fresh, gave us a whole load of feels and, you’ll be pleased to know, is now available to buy on DVD, giving you, the fans, the opportunity to relive that pretty awesome night whenever and wherever you want to.

However, if the promise of six super hotties singing catchy-as-heck songs whilst they frolic around on a stage isn’t quite enough to convince you to give the DVD a go, here are a few more reasons why you, yes you, should snap up a copy pronto:

The Songs
McBusted’s first tour saw the boys perform an entire show comprised only of Busted and McFly songs of yesteryear, y’know, considering they didn’t have any tracks of their own just yet.

However, this time around there is an entire album of McBusted originals that have been thrown into the mix to really get the party started. From angsty anthems like ‘Hate Your Guts’ to schmoozy ballads like ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’, you’re sure to find a new fave live song.
Oh, and of course these are all expertly mixed into an assortment of old faves, such as Year 3000, 3AM, All About You, and Shine A Light.

In short, there really is something for everyone.

The Gimmicks
McBusted called all of their onstage paraphernalia ‘gimmicks’ in their own words, and there are even more this time around than there were for the band’s first tour – and that included an actual UFO and humongous boobs.

No lie.

For the MEAT tour McBusted decided to take us all on a walk down memory lane with a whole load of nostalgic references to popular culture – from classic video games like Super Mario and Street Fighter, to 90s TV shows like Saved By The Bell, there is plenty going on on the big screens to give this particular concert a little something extra to the ones where people just kind of stand around and sing.

On top of all of that, there is also a flying car and an entire fake wedding – with the DVD allowing us all to get a close up look of the boys donning their best bridesmaid dresses as they make their way onto the stage.

What’s not to love, eh?

Kisscam during All About You is also enough to give us all the lovey dovey feels, and with pretty much every member of the band opting to stare at the screen during their performance, including poor Harry Judd practically straining his neck to catch a glimpse from his drumkit, all of ’em got a good look when Dougie Poynter’s younger sister, Jazzie, popped up on the screen.

Needless to say, things get a little bit awkward…

The Fun

On top of the gimmicks, the boys themselves actually bring a whole load of fun to the entire performance, which is probably a testament to the fact that they’re actual bezzie mates in actual real life.
As well as looking like they are having the time of their life whilst performing to a sold out arena of dedicated and loyal fans, the boys aren’t afraid to crack a few jokes and poke fun at themselves and each other.

Dougie’s opening line is a jibe at former Busted bandmate Charlie Simpson, for Pete’s sake!

There are also challenges for Matt Willis to rap, Danny Jones getting the giggles mid-performance and having to start it all again, and so many other quick jokes and witty one-liners which will reinforce exactly why you fell in love with these boys in the first place.

Which was probably over a decade ago.

The fun that they have while performing is completely infectious and translates perfectly from the live environment to the small screen, which means that no matter when or where you watch their show, you are guaranteed to have a pretty massive smile on your face.

And what better reason is there than that, hm?

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour DVD is available to buy NOW.


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only if that could happen.. I would love to see Dougie on every possible billboard around London.

We chatted to McBusted star Dougie Poynter about life on tour, girlfriend Ellie Goulding, his love of fitness, and his dream fashion job.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you might have missed the fact that Dougie Poynter got hot. Granted, he’s always been good looking but ever since he became King of the Jungle, and bagged himself a global superstar of a girlfriend, his good looks have not gone unnoticed. Basically, if long hair, tattoos, abs of steel and stubble is your thing, you’ll be a fan.

Dougie’s sense of style has been amped up; whether he’s just hanging out with his girlfriend in jeans and a T-Shirt, or sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, he always seems to look stylish. He even founded his own clothing line – Saint Kidd – back in 2011, but could his future be in fashion and not music?

When we chatted to the 27-year-old he revealed who he looks to for style inspiration, and told us that it’s “usually people from the past”, and that he loves “Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp – maybe not from the past, he’s the most recent one – and anything Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent does is amazing.”

When we asked if he’d ever do a fashion campaign – perhaps, y’know, if Burberry should ask – he said: “Totally! One million percent – I’d pay them to do it!”

C’mon Christopher Bailey, what are you waiting for?

The McBusted star also revealed that his body is a temple, and if you follow him on Instagram, you might know that already.

“Fitness is my thing. As a band we stay in shape on tour so that we can put up with what we do on stage. When we were younger and used to drink more, and eat crap, we couldn’t perform nowhere near as well as what we do now – we wouldn’t have the energy. As a band it’s very important that we keep it up and that we can perform because the live shows are the most important thing.”

If you missed the McBusted tour, do not worry, the new DVD – McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour Live At The O2 – is out now. Talking about the gigs, Dougie told us that they’re constantly running around on stage: “It’s very knackering. I feel like like, Mr Motivator, – he’s the only other person that would keep up with us. We don’t like standing around not doing anything. We think we’re being boring if we’re not entertaining to watch. The only time we get a break is when we’re singing.”

We couldn’t interview Dougie and NOT ask him about his girlfriend, Ellie Goulding.

Prior to our chat, he attended the 2015 GLAMOUR Awards with his girl, and was there to applaud her as she received the award for Solo Artist of the Year.

When Ellie took to the stage to accept her award, she gushed about Dougie and told the audience: “My boyfriend is the coolest person in the world. Definitely punching above my weight.”

When we asked him what he thought about her saying this, he told us: “I wasn’t expecting that! It’s not true, obviously. It’s the other way around.”

Jeeze guys, you’re both as hot as each other, and let that be the end of that.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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I added to the gallery new pics from an old photoshoot McFly did I think back in 2013 (yeah I guessed it by dougie’s haircut.. LAME) sadly there’s no solo shoot of Tom at least for now.


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FAULT Magazine Issue 21- The POP Issue features supergroup Mcbusted! Starting out as just an idea to go on tour together, the response from fans old and new alike has led them to go on to produce an album, have a top 20 hit, tour with One Direction around the world and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it. FAULT sat down with band member Matt Willis to get the 411!

At that stage did you think your pop star days were behind you?
Yeah, totally. Me and James talked about going on tour again but we didn’t really see any avenues to do it. It just didn’t seem possible because Charlie wasn’t interested. I felt like we were stepping back already because we were already starting with less of a band than we were. I think if you’re coming back, you’ve gotta come back with something strong and something positive. Then this came along and I thought ‘well this will be fun!’ and it just seemed like an obvious thing to do to go on tour with our mates and play some songs.

What do you think is the formula for great pop music?
I think there’s got to be a story. With Busted songs and McFly songs they all start from a main concept. The only time when we can’t finish a song or we write a song that’s not very good, is because the concept is wrong or the idea behind the song is wrong.

Do you ever feel frustrated that pop music doesn’t get as much credibility as other genres?
Not anymore. I used to when I was younger. I used to care what people who read Kerrang! Magazine thought of me when I was 16, but that’s because I was one of those people who read Kerrang! Magazine. I soon grew out of that. I wanna produce stuff that I think is cool and I have fun with and I think other people will enjoy.

Who is the Queen of Pop?
I think Taylor Swift is the Queen of Pop right now.


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The boys had to articulate McBusted, Busted, McFly, Son Of Dork, and Matt Willis songs.

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McBusted were yesterday hit with a whole batch of split rumours after it was revealed that the six-piece supergroup had no plans for a new tour or a new album or… well, anything really after they’d finished touring with One Direction (casual) and completed the summer festival circuit.

We have to admit, the speculation did give us intense flashbacks to when Charlie Simpson quit Busted back in 2005, and we really weren’t ready for it.

Anyways, when we caught up with 5/6 of the boys to talk about their brand spankin’ new concert DVD from their Most Excellent Adventure Tour, they sadly did confirm to us that as of yet they had no plans past September, however, they put our minds totally at ease when they added that, actually, that’s pretty standard stuff for them.

Talking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Matt Willis explained: “We are on tour now, then we have the summer shows and a few festivals and then in September we are going to sit down and think about what we are going to do.

“We don’t plan anything in this band.”
Before Harry Judd added some extra reassurance, chucking in: “No news is good news, hey? And there is no news.”

Unfortunately, the boys did throw in one tiny dollop of bad news for the hardcore boyband lover in us all, confirming that they definitely won’t be joining One Direction as their support act for the UK leg of the tour.

Boo, hiss, etc. etc.

Speaking about touring the globe with the biggest band on the planet, Harry told us: “It’s really quite chilled. We just sit around in our dressing rooms and have a chat and look at videos on YouTube, play Heads Up and go home.”

Matt added: “We don’t see the boys [One Direction], every now and then we kind of bump into them, Niall Horan comes and hangs out in the dressing room occasionally.

“But it’s awesome, then you get to play in front of 60,000 people. We are going to places that none of us have ever been before and we are brand new in those places and we are playing with one of the biggest bands in the world.”

Danny Jones said of the UK dates: “We did Cardiff, the Millennium Stadium – I’d be up for London.”
Before Matt shot down all of our hopes and dreams of seeing our two faves, McBusted and One Direction, in one night before they ever really got off the ground, retorting: “We are not doing them.”
With Harry quipping: “We chose not to.”

Needless to say, we really, really are hoping for a third McBusted tour following that blow.
Still, the more sporadic tour lifestyle no doubt suits our six fave boys down to a T, especially Tom Fletcher and Matt, who are both fathers now.

With both Tom and Danny telling us that they aren’t away from home anywhere near as much as they used to be, Matt finished up with the cutest anecdote about his four-year-old son, Ace, and wife, Emma Willis.

Matt dished: “It’s pretty chilled now; at the beginning of the year we were away a lot, which was tough, but it’s just the life we lead.

“My kids think I’m way cooler than I am. They both came to the show at the O2 this year, and I had told my son he had to scream.

“So he turned to my wife and asked, ‘mummy, when do we scream?’ and she said, ‘now!’. So he screamed then he looked at her and went, ‘more?'”

Harry joked: “He couldn’t see what all of the fuss was about.”

Too bloomin’ cute – and with fans that adorable, how could they ever consider splitting, eh?


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Read below Tom’s interview with Fabulous Magazine that is featured on the father’s day issue and also check the photoshoot in our gallery and the behind the scenes video below.


FUNNY how such a simple, everyday moment can prove so life-affirming. Since Tom Fletcher uploaded a YouTube video a few weeks ago of toddler son Buzz strapped to his back, erupting into giggles at his daddy blowing the fluffy head of a dandelion, it’s been shared around the world.

He reckons as many as 20 million people have viewed it on various websites, and tells us it’s been featured on The Today Show in America and shared online by Zooey Deschanel and Ryan Seacrest. It’s two minutes and seven seconds of pure, unadulterated joy.

“Ah, I watch it a lot myself!” says Tom. “I show it to Buzz and he gets all embarrassed, which is really sweet. We were out on a walk, I just picked a dandelion, blew it, and he cracked up laughing. I knew I had to film it to show Gi [Tom’s wife], but I didn’t know if he’d do it again. But he found it hilarious over and over. He’s such a giggly kid, he laughs at everything.”

A glance at the hundreds of videos on Tom’s phone proves the point – Buzz is the jolliest of babies, with the most infectious of chuckles. In one film where he’s nappy-free, he becomes so hysterical that he has an “accident” on the floor.

But parenthood hasn’t all been a barrel of laughs. After 12 years on the road with McFly, Tom thought he knew what it was like to function on very little sleep. And then Buzz bounced on to the scene in March 2014, and everything changed.

“It’s just insane,” he says. “The tiredness is like nothing else. You think you’re prepared – we read as many books as we could and spoke to friends and family who are parents, went to all the [antenatal] classes – but until you’re living it, you have no idea what it’s going to be like. It’s the sheer fatigue, and the mix of emotions is just overwhelming at times.”

Tom, 29, who was voted last year’s Marvel Celebrity Dad Of The Year, pulls no punches. The last 15 months have been the most exhilarating, emotional and challenging of his life. Together, he and wife Giovanna, 30, have battled through the sleepless nights and blurry days and emerged with their marriage (and sanity) intact.

“It’s been the most real thing I’ve ever experienced. This sudden realisation that you’re completely responsible for another human being and you don’t really know what you’re doing. It’s chaotic and stressful and you think you know what tired feels like, but you really don’t,” he says.

“And then you realise that everything else you’ve done up to this point really isn’t important at all. I take things less seriously. I don’t let the little things bother me any more because this is what life is actually about.

“You’re seeing a human grow. I’ve never experienced the passing of time like that. I can’t remember what life was like before he was born.”

Author Giovanna’s blog was very honest – movingly so – about just how difficult she found the first month. She wrote about the exhaustion, the weight of responsibility, her painful physical recovery and her struggle (and eventual success) at getting breastfeeding established, all at the same time as being gripped by an all-consuming love for Buzz and a need to protect him. Tom remembers his own feelings of powerlessness as he tried to support his wife through that tough time.

“As a dad, you do feel quite helpless at first. Gi wasn’t doing great. She wasn’t prepared for what [childbirth] can do to a woman’s body, plus she was breastfeeding, so all of that was on her. So I guess my main role was looking after her.
…keep reading.

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With McBusted’s second tour behind them and a new live DVD filmed at London’s O2 Arena arriving in stores on June 22nd, we spoke to the band about their Most Excellent Adventure Tour, reviving old McFly songs on stage and what comes next for tha band.

Watch the video below!

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McBusted’s new shoot for Fault magazine is making us REALLY happy right now, so it’s a shame they look so sad and serious.

The guys are giving their best fashwan faces in the pictures, which see them get all snazzy in full suits and ties. Although, as hot as Danny and MatT are (obvs), they do look a lot like they are waiting to take our wine order. Which is fine with us TBH, We’ll have one up from the House please Dan! Cheers!

Dougie on the other hand has just been given free reign to look as sassy as he pleases. The red scarf thing! The messy blonde hair! The chains! Sigh. Where’s that wine again Danny?

It’s probably the first chance the guys have had to scrub up for a while, as they’ve been on the road with One Direction. In fact, Matt says he’s pretty sure the crowd didn’t have a clue who they were.

“We did Europe with them and then we did Australia with them for a month and it was just the coolest fucking time. Their show and their stage is awesome, and their crowd seemed to enjoy what we did which was great for us because in a lot of these countries no one knows who we are.

“No one knows who Busted is, no one knows who McFly is. So they just think we’re some British band with a ridiculous name who are 10 years older than One Direction.”

But the boys are chuffed to be touring and Matt admits he didn’t think they’d ever be doing it again after Busted split. “Me and James talked about going on tour again but we didn’t really see any avenues to do it. It just didn’t seem possible because Charlie wasn’t interested. I felt like we were stepping back already because we were already starting with less of a band than we were.

“I think if you’re coming back, you’ve gotta come back with something strong and something positive. Then this came along and I thought ‘well this will be fun!’ and it just seemed like an obvious thing to do to go on tour with our mates and play some songs.”

Ahh bless them. Now, seriously Danny, WHERE IS THAT WINE WE ORDERED?

* McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 available on Blu-ray and DVD from 22 June



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