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WHEN two bands collide it is either mayhem or magic and the merger of McFly and Busted has won them a place in an elite circle.

Arriving at the enchanted forest of Westobirt Arboretum we walked across the field being serenaded by a group of young girls singing Get Over It with great gusto.

They were not disappointed as their idols blasted out the pop rock number and other favourites, including Air Guitar, amidst a sea of plastic guitars all being strummed enthusiastically by young and old in the crowded arena.

Opening for McBusted were an Irish band under the wing of Louis Walsh called Hometown.

A young outfit of impish singers who have notched up two number one hits in Ireland. They fired up the mosh pit at the front of the stage with their latest single Where I Belong.

McBusted gave us a set that was a fireball of solid gold pop, tinged with a rocky blitz from Harry’s strictly dynamic drums underpinning some rich guitar riffs.

Tom obviously had a sore throat but still plunged in gamely and, apart from a little less power, gave a creditable performance.

Dougie came in for some stick from his band mates over his hair cut and tight, white jeans – which he did not bring back from the jungle.

A slow hands sway heralded It’s All About You, the Children in Need anthem for 2013, but we were back to a leaping crowd singing madly along to McFly hits Obviously and Star Girl.

My friend said that the energy of the band reminded her of the immortal genius of the Baycity Rollers and their influence over their Tartan Army.

Acrobatics was the theme of this concert with running handstands and dodgy dance moves from Hometown, a leapfrog entry by all six of McBusted musicians and little girls, all around the site, showing off their stage school dances and cartwheeling to the music.

The guys certainly know how to work an audience as the food vendors were also swaying along in their vans and, not to be left out, even the police officers, patrolling the arena, joined in the dancing.

The musicians created a great rapport with the crowd except for the occasional lapse into toilet humour.

This form of banter usually fails unless delivered with razor sharp wit, but the obsession with the word ‘pooh’ went down a bundle with the under 12s giggling behind their hands.

The final song Year 3000, sung amidst a circle of trees all lit up against the darkening skies, was a storming finale for a family concert that was a lot of fun.


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I added to the gallery some pics of Dougie and Ellie last night at the Years and Years album launch party in London.



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Earlier today McBusted’s Dougie Poynter had us quaking in our boots as he posted a photo of a pile of golden hair.

We were terrified… had the 27 year old really cut off his glorious mane?

Turns out he had…

But panic not, friends. The new Dougie ‘do actually looks pretty great.

Dougie’s ladyfriend, Ellie Goulding, posted a photo of his new look on Instagram with the caption: “FIT”.

FIT @idougahole

Una foto publicada por elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) el

She’s spot on, in fairness…


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The band Hometown has been announced as the support act of McBusted in Westonbirt this sunday.

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Dougie and Tom revealed today the cover of their new book out of the Dino series, “The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed”. You can watch the video of them doing it below. Also you can already pre-order the book if you want on Amazon HERE

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If you’re obsessed with McBusted and still pining for them after their explosive arena tour ended in April – fear not, we have a solution.

We’ve got an exclusive sneak-peak from their concert DVD direct from the O2 and whether you want to relive it all over again or if you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on tickets earlier this year, you’ll want to watch the boys in action as they belt out Air Guitar.

From a Delorean descending from the roof to James riding a bike around the stage to the band’s mid-set break for a giant game of Street Fighter 2, you’ll also be treated to exclusive backstage content and interviews with McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2.

And if you get your mitts on the DVD but still feel the need for more, the boys are headlining Lytham Festival on 8th August and Fusion Festival on August 30th.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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I added to the gallery the scans of the Fault Magazine issue that has an interview with McBusted. Enjoy the PERFECT pics!!



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I added to the gallery the scans of this week’s Now Magazine that has an interview with McBusted.


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Four wives, three kids, two long-term relationships… McBusted reveal just how they¹ve been so lucky!

They may be the UK’s biggest supergroup, but beyond the mayhem ofscreaming fans and sold-out arena tours, we chat to McBusted about family time and the simpler things in life. From Hollywood love rivals to forgetting major holidays, Matt Willis, 32, Tom Fletcher, 29, Dougie Poynter, 27, Danny Jones, 29, and Harry Judd, 29, share the secrets of their success away from the stage.

You’re one short today, boys ­ where’s James?
Matt: [Laughs] Has he done a Zayn? No, he’s in New York for a couple of weeks working on a musical he wrote.
Tom: He just wanted to see the Empire State Building really.
Harry: We might as well get rid of Matt too and go back to McFly!

So is this the beginning of the end for McBusted?
Harry: No, we were like: ‘It doesn¹t matter. Go and do it James ­whatever!’
Matt: We never planned anything with this band. Things just kept happening. We’re just going with it ­ and when it¹s not happening anymore, it’s not happening.

Your last tour was called McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour, but what’s been the most excellent adventure of your lives?
Harry: I’d say the whole of McBusted’s journey so far.
Danny: Walking to my local Co-op is quite a good adventure.
Harry: Oh shit, trick question! I mean, er, marriage is the most excellent adventure of my life.
Matt: Yeah, marrying Emma has been quite good, too.
Harry: There are less explosions on tour than there are in marriage!

Matt and Tom, how did you celebrate Father¹s Day?
Matt: Emma forgot Father’s Day last year. It got to the evening and I said: ‘Emma, you do realise it’s Father’s Day, don’t you?’ She just said: ‘Oops.’ I have to go so over the top for Mothers Day and plan so much stuff as well!
Tom: I forgot Mother’s Day. That was bad. But we were in America, so I kind of got out of it by celebrating it on the American date.

Did Emma make it up to you, Matt?
Matt: Maybe [winks]! It¹s the day after our daughter’s birthday, so I suppose we¹ve got other things to think about.
Harry: Unfortunate.
Matt: Unfortunately, it’s all about her [laughs].

Did the rest of you go all out to spoil your dads?
Harry: That’s where my wife Izzy comes in handy ­ she’s very good at remembering to send cards and I just sign them.
Danny: Don’t admit that!
Harry: Well, I write them to my family and just sign them to hers.
Dougie: What do you write?
Harry: Father, happy day. From Son.

Tom, do you feel robbed of your Celebrity Dad Of The Year title?
Harry: What! Who won it this year?
Tom: Old Gary Barlow.

Any fighting talk?
Harry: You¹re a shit dad, Barlow! [Laughs]
Tom: No!

Any plans to extend the family, Tom?
Tom: I need to remember how it happens first
Harry: He’s too busy just trying to get it up.
Tom: Giovanna and I want more kids, but we¹ve no set plans and don¹t want to put pressure on ourselves.

Danny and Harry, do you want kids soon? You’ve both been married a while
Harry: I’d like kids, but when is the question. You can’t really plan these things. We’re letting Tom have his moment in the limelight with Buzz cos once we’ve got kids they won’t have a look-in!

Matt, how do you deal with all the admirers Emma gets?
Matt: I get loads of people saying: ‘Mate, you’re such a lucky ahem.’ I
just agree ­ like: ‘Yeah, I am! My wife is f***ing fit!’

Emma recently said Justin Timberlake wanted to date her before you both
got together. Why do you think she chose you?
Matt: Cos I’m rad! I don’t know. I think they were at a party together and
then things were over-exaggerated.
Harry: That’s what you think. She follows him on Twitter ­ they could be
direct messaging.
Matt: [Laughs] Oh right. I¹ll check her phone tonight.

Oh. Have you ever checked Emma’s phone before?
Matt: No! This has suddenly got weird [laughs].

You’re currently touring Europe with One Direction. How’s that going?
Dougie: It’s awesome.
Tom: Their fans have no idea who we are.
Harry: But we’ve no idea who they are!
Danny: We’ve never released albums in most of these places before.

How are the 1D boys doing?
Tom: We all fly at different times and just see each other in passing.
Danny: I play golf with Niall [Horan] on days off. We’ve been doing some sessions on new material for them and have some good stuff. Fingers crossed the rest of the band like them.

It’s 12 years since McFly first formed. Where will you all be in 12 more years?
Harry: Hopefully in a band with Mc’ in the name.
Danny: McHarry!
Harry: Imagine if that’s what I resort to?
Tom: Keeping the brand alive.
Danny: You could put the drums on your back and dance at the same time

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour ­ Live At The O2 is out now on Blu-ray and DVD


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What do McBusted get up to behind closed doors? The band share their tour secrets.

Fresh off taking fans on an Excellent Adventure with their UK arena tour, it’s safe to say McBusted are well-polished when it comes to the art of spending days on end together on the road.

But while we know the supergroup know how to handle themselves when it comes to the stage, how do they fare when the crowds have gone home?

What games do they get up to behind closed doors? Who has a suitcase just for hats? We caught up with Dougie, Tom, Danny, Matt and Harry to find out their deepest tour secrets.

When we’d finished grilling them about their backstage antics, we also spoke to McBusted about new album prospects and getting ex-One Directioner Zayn Malik on board.

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour – Live At The O2 is available on Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD now..



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