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We could slice cheese on that jawline

We’re yet to find a fitter human than Dougie Poynter off of McFly/McBusted fame, and if you were under the impression that you have found one, then you might want to think again after seeing his latest photoshoot. Because you’re WRONG.

Doug has stripped off to get a little bit naked for Notion magazine, in a mean and moody black and white shoot which will not only make you wonder why you’re not Ellie Goulding, but also WHY IS HE EVEN ALLOWED TO BE THIS HOT.

Christ on a bike, life has peaked.

While the other McBusted boys are busy singing Justin Bieber with small children and bringing more lovely McSpawn into the world, Dougie’s been up to the equally important task of getting his kit off and donning some sheepskin, to show you that his pecs mean serious business.

Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Dougie Poynter’s arm veins.

That one’s slightly awkward though, mainly because we’re wearing that EXACT outfit in the office right now.

It probably won’t surprise you too much to hear that Douglet’s hoping to get a bit more into the whole modeling industry in the future, as he told Notion: “I’d love to, like I really enjoy doing it and I have a genuine passion for fashion.”

We mostly just have a passion for his facial hair. And his general face.

Now please excuse us while we pop home and wallpaper our entire living room with these photographs. God bless.

Thoughts on this whole half-naked-Dougie thing? Let us know if you’re loving his new Notion shoot with a tweet to @Sugarscape.


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New Dino signings for Dougie and Tom have been confirmed in Leeds and Manchester for the 28th of August so if you can go and meet the boys in Waterstones and get your copy of the latest book of the dino series, The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed, signed.

Come say hi to me and Doug!

Una foto publicada por TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) el

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Read below the interview Dougie did with Notion Magazine, he talks about fashion, Ellie… also you can see the hot photoshoot he did for the magazine in the gallery.


Star of UK pop punk band McFly and super group McBusted, Dougie Poynter, talks to Notion Magazine about his latest tour, his modelling aspirations and why collaborating with girlfriend Ellie Goulding is definitely not on the cards

He’s always been a stylish guy, but fans of McBusted, or anyone that follows Dougie Poynter on social media, will have noticed he has really upped his A-game in the style stakes the last 12 months. His engagement could be due the musician’s increased involvement in the fashion world, having founded his own clothing company, Saint Kidd in 2011. It may be down to having to keep up with his girlfriend, pop idol and trend setter, Ellie Goulding. Whatever the reason, we are very much advocates of his style right now and were pretty pleased to be given a first look at some exclusive pictures of Dougie, shot by his friend, photographer Louie Banks.

As you may see from these pictures, Dougie proves he has great fashion taste, having styled himself with clothes from his own wardrobe (mostly Saint Laurent btw), but also that he’s a natural in front of the camera.We caught up with him to discuss who holds the style crown in his relationship, his dreams to be the face of a fashion campaign and what’s next for McBusted. Now he has finished touring with McBusted, Dougie may have some extra time on his hands to get in front of the camera again. After judging these images, we think that may not be a bad idea…

When Notion met Dougie

NOTION: Hi Dougie, how are you? How has your day been?

DOUGIE: I’m good thank you! Not much has been happening today; I thought I had something on, but it turns out that it is tomorrow instead, so I’ve been kind of like, ‘eh alright, what should I do?’

NOTION: How was the McBusted ‘Most Excellent Adventure’ tour that finished not too long ago?

DOUGIE: That was awesome. The McBusted shows have been the most fun any of us have had on stage I think. It was pretty special.

NOTION: What song do you enjoy performing the most?

DOUGIE: Probably ‘Year 3000’, just because it’s super easy to jump around to and everyone goes nuts for it, it’s cool.

NOTION: What has been the ‘most excellent adventure’ of your career so far?

DOUGIE: Err, man. I can’t really say one thing. Within the twelve, thirteen years that we’ve been a band, we’ve got to travel the world, see some cool things and see some terrible things. We’ve played humongous shows, we’ve played really tiny shows, so the whole thing has been a pretty mental adventure.

NOTION: Do you prefer the bigger shows to the smaller ones?

DOUGIE: The smaller ones you can mess around a little bit more and it’s more about just playing and the bantering between songs, and then the bigger shows we have loads of production and pyrotechnics and things that could blow you up. UFO’s, inflatable boobs that squirt things at people… they’re two completely different things that we enjoy equally.

NOTION: What’s it like being in a band with such good friends?

DOUGIE: It’s kind of like a family. You don’t really over think how close you are. Even with the Busted guys, they’ve been like our cousins that just pop up every now and again and hang out with them loads. It’s really cool, it just makes life easier.
…keep reading.

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I added to the gallery the scans of the Hello Magazine issue that features an interview with Harry and Izzy talking about their pregnancy.


Harry Judd and his wife Izzy have revealed that the baby they are expecting in January is the result of IVF, in an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine.

Read the full interview in this week’s HELLO! magazine, available to download now. Buy it now on Ipad, android, kindle fire and more formats. Or subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss an issue!

“You feel like you are never going to be the ones who get to say, ‘We are having a baby’. That is why we feel so blessed now,” says 29-year-old Harry as he tells the magazine of their struggle to conceive and the heartache of a miscarriage from their first attempt at IVF last year.

“In an ideal world when you’re ready to start a family you hope you will conceive in the first few months of trying,” says Harry. “We were like, no, no we won’t need IVF, it won’t be us. IVF was like something you didn’t talk about. We thought it would be fine.”

“Every baby is a miracle but we do feel so very lucky,” says Izzy, 31, who was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in her twenties.

“I never wanted to stop believing that we would have a family,” says Izzy. “But you do feel like someone has pressed pause on your life and you can’t go anywhere.”

The couple, who started to try for a family after their wedding in 2012, share the moment they watched on a scan as the embryo was implanted, with Izzy telling HELLO!: “It was such a clinical environment but there was such magic in the air.”

The couple lost count of the number of times people asked them if we wanted to have a family. “This was always so impossible to answer and felt like my heart was breaking every time,” says Izzy.

The couple are yet to find out if they are having a boy or a girl with Harry adding: No we don’t want to know,”

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I added to the gallery some pictures of the boys performing at the America’s Cup in Portsmouth last week and also some more from the Alive at Delapree gig. Credits for all the pics go to Stephen Smith, Peter Evans, Graham Tiller and TaraLou88



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Ah, results day. The memory of waiting to find out if all of your hard work, studying, stressing, and, erm, nervously sweating, had paid off will probably stick with everybody for the rest of our life.
Which is why we totally understand the actual anxiety you feel as the day looms, and then either the utter exhilaration at finding out that you have passed and are off to University… Or the downright dread, disappointment, and fear if you haven’t quite got the grades that you were hoping for.

And if you are one of the disappointed folk today, then we seriously can’t stress enough how important it is for you not to worry – everything will turn out okay and to prove it, we have compiled a whole list of pretty bloomin’ awesome celebs who weren’t quite up to scratch when it came to school and education, but things turned out pretty good for them regardless.
We mean, obviously education is super, super important, but if you don’t get those all important grades it is definitely not the end of the world:

[…]Dougie Poynter

Let’s momentarily go back to the singers, McFly/ McBusted/ BusFly mega-babe Dougie Poynter joined the hugely successful band when he was just fifteen years old, recently revealing that he did so in order to support his mum and younger sister after his dad walked out on them.

Dougie doesn’t have any GCSEs, but does have number one albums, sell out tours, a modelling contract, an I’m A Celebrity crown, and an Ellie Goulding girlfriend under his belt, so he hasn’t exactly done badly.


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Watch below some videos of the boys performing at the Lytham Festival last weekend.

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Well McBusted isn’t like reformed as it didn’t exist as McBusted before but here’s what they say about the boys.

8. McBusted

McBusted have tasted major success
Not technically a reunion as the band hadn’t previously existed but they can’t be ignored.
The super-group which comprises of the four McFly band members and their former heroes Busted, minus Charlie Simpson, formed in 2013 and tickets soon sold out for their 11-stop tour. It was extended to 34 nights and the group haven’t looked back as they supported world-beaters One Direction during 2014 and 2015.


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After the raving credibility of Faithless and the wedding disco-style cheese of 80s Vs 90s, it was the turn of pop rockers McBusted to entertain on Lytham Green.

The six-piece supergroup, formed of Busted and McFly, raced through what felt like a greatest hits set which had fans of all ages bouncing in the Lytham Festival Arena.

From the opening strains of joint hit Air Guitar, to the closing bars of Star Girl – plus encore tracks Five Colours In Her Hair, Shine A Light and Year 3000, fans sang along throughout.

There’s no doubt this gang of mates have a ball on stage and that energy transferred into the audience.

Brief moments of banter reveal the friendships the two bands’ former members share as a single act. More of those laughs – albeit schoolboy in their humour – would surely have been welcomed from a Saturday night crowd out for a good time.

Among the non-musical highlights was a mini showcase of drummer Harry Judd’s Strictly Come Dancing champion credentials (he won, in a final at Blackpool Tower Ballroom, in 2011).

With bandmate Matt Willis, he raised Dougie Poynter aloft in a Dirty Dancing-inspired lift – backed by the 10,000-strong crowd singing (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life. And Busted’s James Bourne ranked it as his ‘all time highlight of any show’ on Twitter.

And the show, opened by Britain’s Got Talent singer Callum Scott, Irish boy band Hometown, and Say Something chart star Karen Harding, will certainly have marked its place in Lytham’s ‘all time highlights’ too.


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