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A boyband skinny dipping epidemic has erupted after One Direction and McFly both revealed they like to take a dip in the buff when their girlfriends aren’t looking.

McFly say their racy streak on the beach ended badly, claiming their valuables got pinched.

‘We did in Barbados. We were on holiday, the four of us, with our other halves,’ confessed McFly’s Harry Judd.

‘Dougie was single at the time. And we met two couples, and we really got on with them. And when our girlfriends went home, we all went skinny-dipping in the sea.’

The quartet told gay mag Attitude how their birthday-suited stunt went horribly wrong when they had to hide on a pier from a security guard.

‘It back-fired actually that skinny-dip, because the security guard stole all my money. Whilst I was naked,’ said 25-year-old Dougie Poynter.

The incident still has 27-year-old Danny Jones cringing: ‘Do you remember when the security guard was looking for us, and we were lying flat down on the pier not moving, naked?’

To make the situation worse, singer Tom Fletcher, 28, added: ‘Harry peed on my leg… just random pissing.’

But the Shine A Light singers aren’t the only idols pulling a cheeky one.

1D’s Zayn Malik says the Little Things singers also like to go au natural when the cameras stop rolling.

‘No, we’re good boys, ha-ha! We don’t trash hotel rooms. We did do some skinny-dipping once, but that was a spur of the moment thing,’ confessed the 20-year-old during his own chart with Top Of The Pops magazine.

‘We don’t intentionally like to be naughty – it just kind of happens!’

Attitude’s cover story in the October issue is McFly. The iPad version will be out this Friday, and the mag will be in shops on Wednesday 18th September.



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