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The Sunday Mirror’s unashamedly huge McFly fan Rachael Wheeler sees the foursome on the final leg of their tour

With the Olympics and Jubilee around the corner, McFly opened the final leg of their Keep Calm and Play Louder tour to the sound of the National Anthem. But, like, a really cool and jazzy version.

Despite the topical name, the patriotic gigs were essentially a greatest hits tour for the London band’s die hard fans (which unashamedly includes myself), with guitar led numbers like Broccoli and No Worries making the older members in the audience whoop, while more popular songs Star Girl and All About You had everyone warbling along in wobbly, excitable voices.

Being huge on Twitter and the execs of their own interactive website, McFly don’t bother with the heartfelt ‘we wrote this song because…’ rubbish and prefer to chat away about random nonsense (Harry got bitten by his cat that day, apparently).

With the gig jumping between the band’s first pop singles like 5 Colours and their recent dance-led tracks like Shine A Light, it’s amazing to hear how the band has moved across genres over the last nine years (yes, it has been that long and, yes, we do feel old).

But despite taking their sound into a more mature place, the boys are ever-energetic and clearly still in love with music and (in a bromance way) each other.

And before they said goodbye for a while – they’re off to record the sixth album – the audience was treated to a quick preview of their latest material, slower single Touch The Rain, reminiscent of their latest album Above The Noise and the entirely different Red, which is funky, dark and entirely unlike anything the boys have done before. Needless to say, I loved them both.



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