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You know how some celeb-types have, like, their close group of BFFs they go to all the coolest clubs, ponciest parties and swankiest soirees with *all* the time? Well we’re starting to think Niall Horan might be friends with actually EVERYONE.

And last night, after hanging out with bloomin’ Brian McFadden off of Westlife at the UFC match t’other day, Nialler’s been hanging out with his old pals McFly at Ellie Goulding’s London O2 Arena gig. Sociable little critter, isn’t he?

Yep – Niall’s said to have been spotted chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool with the McFly fellas at Ellie’s big Halcyon Days show – and while we haven’t been able sniff out any pics of the lads together with our fangirly little schnozzles, we *have* got a pic of Niall with Tom Fletcher’s wife Giovanna. N’yaww.

So there you go.

What d’ya reckon, then? Gutted your invite got lost in the post? Next time, eh?



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