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We’re counting down the days until we get to watch the McBusted boys do their thang (literally, we’ve got a special little calendar for it and everything), and it turns out we’re not the only ones well excited for the tour.

One Direction’s Niall Horan is also absolutely buzzing about seeing McFly and Busted sing about triple breasted women from the future, and weirdos with five colours in their hair. Awh, we bet he’s been practicing his Busted jumps especially.

he McBusted tour kicks off in just over a month’s time, and el Horan tweeted last night to reveal that he can’t wait to be grooving to a few of their old classics. (Who’s Nialler? SOME GUYYY WHO LIVES NEXT DOOOR).

He revealed: “Also I spoke to @JamesBourne and the mcfly lads the other night about the @mcbusted tour! Can’t f**king wait! Set list is gona be amazing [sic]”

YES IT IS NIALL, you’re correct there son. But d’yknow what would make it even more amazing? A surprise appearance from our favourite blonde guitar playing 1D member to wrap his vocal chords around Crashed The Wedding…

Actually, we’d probably pass out and miss the rest of the gig, so maybe not.

Niall is of course, particular homies with the McFly lads as they’ve shared many a group songwriting session for some smashing One Direction tracks, like Don’t Forget Where You Belong and I Would.

Maybe if Niall doesn’t pluck his monobrow from now until the gig, he could go dressed as Charlie Simpson and sneak on stage during What I Go To School For.

Hands up if you’re as excited as Niall is for the McBusted tour? Wishing that 1D would team up with them to form One McBusted? YES.



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