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Here’s a new interview Dougie did with the Evening Standard and a new pic from a photoshoot with Tom Leishman that I added to the gallery. The other day I posted a preview of this pic that Tom posted on twitter and now we have the pic already edited.

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The McFly star tells Hannah Nathanson about Bruce Forsyth’s ninja skills and texting naughty pictures

You’re about to play Wembley, are your new songs anthemic enough?
They are. Think Bruce Springsteen having a baby with Daft Punk.

Where did you come up with them?
We hid on a Welsh island that you can only reach when the tide is out. There are seals and there’s an air base nearby so there were fighter jets flying over the whole time. It’s sick.

You and Harry [Judd] won I’m a Celebrity… and Strictly; which reality show should Danny and Tom go on?
I don’t think there’s one feminine enough for them.

How does one win a reality TV show?
By not being yourself. No one’s actually interested in the ‘real you’.

Are you and fellow Essex boy Mark Wright still in touch?
We send each other weird pictures every now and again.

Pictures of what?
I can’t tell you, I think it’s a bit wrong.

If you weren’t in McFly would you have made it on to TOWIE?
Probably not, I’m not glamorous enough.

Do McFly get a lot of adoring fan mail?
I’m not sure if you’d call pube cakes adoring, but we did once get a fan letter three miles long.

What did Bruce Forsyth do when you stormed on stage to congratulate Harry after he’d won Strictly?
He didn’t know who we were. I think he thought we were there to kidnap the winner so he went into defence mode and attacked us with his ninja skills, which was pretty bad-ass.

Did he apologise once he realised who you were?
Oh no.

What’s the first thing you did when you got back from the jungle?
I ate a lot. I’ve only just stopped gorging. I’ve put on two stone since I got back.

Did you pick up any strange habits when you were there?
I broke strange habits more than anything. I stopped fiddling with my hair.

What did you miss most?
Sitting in a chair.

Why have you called your new clothing line Saint Kidd?
It’s based on my favourite pirate, William Kidd, who was really rubbish at being a pirate. It’s also inspired by curiosity shops and taxidermists; the sort of places that I hang around in.



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