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I just posted below the parts of the interview where he mentions McFly but if you want to read the whole interview you can do it HERE

You’ve travelled a lot after university, where was your favourite place?

I’d always wanted to visit Japan, especially Tokyo, and in 2011 I went for a weeklong tour in Japan with McFly. That’s

been my favourite place. We had a few days off and it was a small tour with a small crew so, pretty much, just the band and me enjoyed the city together. It led to a nice intimate tour documentary too, very chilled and fun.

Completely opposite to that, Brazil is an incredible place to visit. McFly are huge there and they had recently played a couple of shows to crowds of over 50,000 people. It’s like Beatlemania when we visit so it’s good fun to film. The fans go crazy, camping outside hotels 24/7 and chasing our cars.

How did you get involved with McFly?

Liz Lee, a fellow Ravensbourne classmate of mine, got hired as an assistant at JJ Stereo after university. They had done a lot of work with McFly in the past and had been asked by the band to find them a new Director/Cameraman. Liz was asked to put a list of ten directors together and she put me down as a contender. I went for an interview, had a little trial run with the band, they liked my work and I was hired. I’ve worked with them for almost three years now creating exclusive content for their website and following them on tour around the world.

What can you say about the benefits of networking while studying?

Networking is very important. I actually got my work with McFly by staying in contact with people from my class. You always hear “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and that’s very true. Making contacts at university is just as important as making them in the professional world. Contacts lead to opportunities and that’s when what you know comes into play; you just have to prove you work hard and produce good work.

What are the perks of being on tour with McFly?

Touring is by far the most fun part of working with a band. We get to travel all over the world, like a big family. One huge travelling circus.

How did you get the ‘Love is Easy’ gig?

I have a great relationship with McFly now and they really trust what I do, so when it came to shooting their new music video, they wanted me to direct it.  We were on tour in LA and all sat together in one of their hotel rooms writing up loads of ideas and concepts and acting them out to the band’s manager. Everyone loved the idea so I was commissioned. Me and my friend Sam (a producer) set up our own production company and we made the video. That was quite a lot of pressure for my first major label video.

Tell us a bit about the filming?

We filmed it at the Battersea Arts Centre, which funnily enough is where I used to hang out when I was making films for free for local Art Galleries after university.The video was all shot in one day, after one rehearsal and choreography session. We shot it on the lovely Arri Alexa camera with our amazing Steadicam Op, James, who also went to Ravensbourne.

And, the concept behind the video?

The basic concept was for a ‘one shot’ type music video in which the band recreate some of their career highlights in a DIY theatre show. The new single is from their best of album, so it was the perfect time to get nostalgic and reference their career. It was quite a big task, which involved a lot of careful planning as well as an amazing design team who built the entire set and all the props.

What has been your favourite project to date and why?

I think my favourite project is the music video I just directed for McFly. It was the culmination of almost three years proving myself as a director, as a hard worker, then being given the opportunity to make my first major project for the label. Big budget, big pressure, lots of stress! But it all paid off and I’m very happy with it.

What’s next?

McFly are on tour in April/May next year so I’m in the early stages of discussing ideas with the band about another big tour and live concert film.


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