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The one compilation album that fans and non-fans alike should take a listen to

Who needs lyrical videos, when you can be lyrical in your video? Just check out English pop rock band McFLY’s latest single ‘Love is Easy’ on their aptly-titled compilation album Memory Lane: The Best of McFLY. Unlike most of the band’s material, ‘Love is Easy’ primarily makes use of the ukulele, thus incorporating a more folk rock feel. The sweet tune will have you bopping along in no time and humming to it repeatedly for the rest of the day.

Aside from ‘Love is Easy’, the compilation album also consists of four other tracks that are unreleased previously.

Do Watcha’ falls in line with the band’s usual sound; the fast thumping of the drums will cause you to start tapping your feet along to the rhythm and you wouldn’t even realise three minutes had gone by at the end of the track.

The opening of a can of fizzy drink at the start of ‘Cherry Cola’ sets the tone of the song. The clapping in the music background hints a fun and uplifting tune, which keeps its energy throughout the track. Short as it might be, ‘That Girl’ grabs your attention right from the beginning with a strong brush of the electric guitar; a pity McFLY’s songs somewhat start to sound similar overtime, making this song easily forgettable.

Memory Lane: The Best of McFLY is that one compilation that fans and non-fans should take a listen to as it consists of some of the best tracks the English band has ever put out, including ‘The Heart Never Lies’ and ‘Transylvania’.

Recommended tracks: ‘Love is Easy’, ‘Falling in Love’, ‘Obviously’, ‘All About You’

Rating: 4



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