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I know McFly is not a boyband but it seems that they didn’t know it until some fans wrote them.. Anyways you can vote for McFly HERE

UPDATE: 12 hours. Over 700 votes. Lots of angry MP!ers. Yes, the Battle Of The Boy Band Tours has officially begun. We’ve learnt McFly most definitely aren’t a boyband, MP!ers like exclamation marks, and that hopes aren’t high for JLS’s 4th Dimension Tour. Read on to get all the goss, and have your say in our vote.

The guitars are tuned, the lights are dimmed, the merch has been sorted and back flips have been rehearsed… Four of the best UK boy bands are getting to ready to take their show on the road, meeting fans and playing their biggest hits in venues all across the country – but which tour are YOU most excited for?

JLS vs. The Wanted vs. McFly vs. Twenty Twenty – keep reading to see the results of our highly scientific experiment, and then cast your vote in our official Battle Of The Boy Band Tours poll to help decide on an official winner!

Category one – Setlist
JLS: They’ve managed to keep it under wraps for now, but it’s likely that we’ll hear hit singles like ‘Beat Again’, ‘Everybody In Love’, ‘She Makes Me Wanna’, ‘The Club Is Alive’ – and with the boys halfway through recording their new album, maybe we’ll be treated to a new song!

The Wanted: Apart from Jay hinting that there’s another secret medley planned, nothing else is known – however, we’ve managed to have a sneak peek at the setlist and we can safely say that our heart started racing when we saw that they boys are planning an exciting re-imagining of one of their classic tracks…

McFly: With 5 albums under their belts, it’s hard to say what to expect from the boys – but we’re sure that all the biggest hits will be showcased and we’d even bet there’ll be a surprise cover or two.

Twenty Twenty: Expect to hear the massive ‘Love To Life’ and recent single ‘Move It’ – but apart from that, your guess is as good as ours!

MP! winner: The Wanted

Category two – Support acts
JLS: The boys have enlisted the help of former The Wanted support act Starboy Nathan – seen this before and although he’s not terrible, he does have a tendency to take his shirt off a lot and we were hoping to be exposed to the next big thing.

The Wanted: Support acts overload! New band Lawson, girl group Fanfair, singer songwriter Ben Montague are all on the line-up and rumour has it that dressing room enemies Parade will also take to the stage – but nothing’s been confirmed yet!

McFly: The band are running a once in a lifetime competition where any band can be nominated for the chance to support them at different dates – a perfect chance to be introduced to brand new talent. Voting is now closed, but you can check out the Top 50 here – 26 of which will join the boys on the road!

Twenty Twenty: Lesser known bands Room 94 and FutureProof will be warming up the crowd for the Twenty Twenty boys. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them, there won’t be a test.

MP! winner: It’s a draw between The Wanted and McFly

Category three – Ticket prices

JLS: The cheapest available are £25 – but if you’ve got £99 lying around, why not treat yourself to the VIP package? (Tickets available here)

The Wanted: Starting at £19.50 – and remember you might be seeing 4 support acts as well as the boys. Sounds like a good deal to us! (Tickets available here)

McFly: Roughly around £31.50 – but because they’ve been on sale for a while, there’s not many left… (Tickets available here)

Twenty Twenty: Hold on to your hats penny pinchers – tickets are only £10! That’s a price that gets the MP! stamp of approval – now you’ve got no excuse not to go… (Tickets are available here)

MP! winner: Twenty Twenty

Category four – Nipple
JLS: We all know these guys can’t go for a whole day without slipping a nip. In fact we’re surprised their nipples aren’t the support act.

The Wanted: If we all agree to chant “NIPPLE” when the boys are leaving the stage, maybe Tom will come back on and give us a cheeky flash. All together now…

McFly: Harry had his almost every week on Strictly Come Dancing – so we reckon keeping them under wraps for a whole tour will be hard for him. Keep your eyes peeled.

Twenty Twenty: Errrr, probably not.

MP! winner: JLS

It’s official – our personal winner of the Boy Band Tour poll is The Wanted. We’ve seen the artwork, we’ve seen the setlist and we can’t wait to see the support acts too – but do YOU agree?

Well if you’re a JLSter, Twenty Twenty devotee or McFly super fan, fear not because now everyone has the chance to cast their vote. Go through the evidence listed above, make your decision wisely and then vote in the official poll below…


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