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That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair…

On Saturday, some of team GT swapped a trip round Europe for a trip down memory lane, still embracing an evening of ‘euphoria’ as the McFly boys sell out Wembley ten years on.

Yes, you did read that correctly it has actually been ten years since the cheeky chappies burst onto the music scene supporting the Busted boys. What a difference a decade makes because joining support act The Vamps (a mini-McFly 1D-esk foursome) was James Bourne who opened the show with his guitar and old school tracks such as Year 3000.

Still going strong ten years on it seems McFly have partly put their punk pop looks to rest *sigh* as they joined the 13,000 screaming fans with matching shirts, ties and waistcoats complimenting their skinny jeans and converse *swoon*. They opened the show with a snippet from the Memory Lane track before powering up Dougie’s lit up bass and delivering an energised performance of ‘That Girl’. As this was a best of tour the mixed crowd of girls, gays and McMums were treated to classics such as ‘Obviously’, ‘Star Girl’ and of course ‘Five Colours In her Hair’. During their career the boys have accomplished seven number one singles across six albums. With another album on the way this tour was the perfect way to showcase why McFly are still big names in the music industry.

During a slowed down performance of ‘I’ll Be Okay’ Tom swapped his guitar for a piano and with a candlelit back drop, where they showed off their musical abilities further. During the gig they sang live throughout and sounded flawless. With Danny and Tom on guitar, Dougie on bass and absolutely not forgetting Harry at the back banging his drums, they delivered a fantastic show of musical and vocal talent.

McFly are known for being mischievous and it was enjoyable to watch their banter with each other on stage. During their performances they slipped the odd rude word into their songs too. Dougie also asked the crowd “Do you ever get that feeling your pubes are hanging out? I have that feeling right now.” Between tracks they teased one another about Tom’s 10 million hit wedding speech on YouTube, Dougie’s win in the jungle and Harry’s win on the dance floor. Not afraid to camp it up, they also donned a feather headpiece, sailor hat and cowboy hat for a rendition of YMCA. It’s like they knew we were coming!

The retro, American style billboard staging stayed the same throughout, as did the boys outfits. But they did mix it up with the odd bit of fire and some snazzy lights. McFly will play the Royal Albert Hall on in September to mark their ten year anniversary and we suspect the boys will go all out for the occasion. Maybe some shirtless performances wouldn’t go a miss too? Just saying!

The ten year milestone certainly does not mean the end for Mcfly. Towards the end of the concert they belted out ‘The Heart Never Lies’ and Tom changed the lyrics to “McFly is here forever”. And we sincerely hope so too. Here’s to another ten years!

GT gives it a 4/5

Tickets for the 10th anniversary concert go on sale this Saturday 25 May here.



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