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In case you didn’t know WWF’s Earth Hour takes place tomorrow and Mcfly want you to get involved and “do it in the dark”.

Now we’re not being cheeky, that’s the official tagline for the event!

Earth Hour takes place worldwide on Saturday 23 March 2013 when 7,000 people across 152 cities will turn their lights off for one hour at 8.30 pm.

We had a chat with the lovely¬†Tom Fletcher¬†to find out why he wants you to get involved…

Why did you get involved with earth hour?

It kind of started with Dougie actually, Dougie’s worked with WWF before. Last year he went to Uganda and Rwanda I believe and spent time with some gorillas.

It’s something me and Dougie have been really passionate about for quite a long time but we hadn’t really gotten involved.

So we sat down and had a meeting with WWF about how we can get involved more and earth hour was fast approaching so we were asked to get involved with it.

What are you doing in that hour?

We’re playing a special show that night for earth hour. I believe we might be wearing some panda onesies…

Is there anything more fun than performing in a onesie?

They are so comfy. They’re like the best onesies ever! They’re really really nice, I’m hoping they’ll let me keep it afterwards.
WWF should sell them to raise money, they’re really really cool. But yeah, we’ll be performing a stripped back show during Earth hour.

What suggestions do you have for people to do in that hour?

There’s load of things you could do. I think it’s good for people to be creative and come up with something that they like doing.

For me personally, if it’s a clear night, I really enjoy going outside and looking at the stars. It’s one of those things I really love doing but no one does it that often. When you do, you see how amazing it is.

It kind of puts things into perspective, what our planet is and if you sit out long enough and look at the stars you can almost start to grasp that we’re on this ball floating out in space.

You almost freak yourself out thinking about, if I wasn’t playing a show I would like to sit outside and look up.

It’s a bit like looking out at natural light?


You done some fun challenges? Like that harlem shake video in you panda onesies…

Yeah it was really god. It’s fun cause we travel a lot so we got to occupy the hours we usually spend in hotel rooms staring at walls.

We’ve been involved with lots of charities over the years but it’s always fun to get involved.

It’s nice now we’re older that we can get involved in stuff like this, things that we generally feel passionate about and things that we want to get involved with.

It’s been such a great year for you. Are still shocked about your wedding video going viral?

Yeah it was crazy. Really crazy, I really didn’t expect that at all.

I put the video up so friends and family could watch it. I knew if I try and put it online privately… they always get hacked so I thought I’d put it up.

And if people wanted to watch it that weren’t friends and family then that was fine.

Yeah I really didn’t expect it to pick up the way it did.

Coming up this year?

We go on tour in April. It’s the best part of the job, we love touring. You get withdrawal symptoms when you stop.

So looking forward to that and we are just starting work on album number 6, which should be out hopefully later this year.

We’ve started writing it already, we been on writing trips, when we did that Harlem shake video we were California writing stuff.

After the tour we are going to the studio and working on that.

What will you do this Earth hour?



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