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So seems that we finally have a date for the new McFly album release, first it was supposed to be released this summer, then in november and the last we know was that it was pushed until spring 2014, well this morning in an interview with Sugarscape Tom said the album will be released in February.


Earlier today, our minds were pretty much blown off our shoulders when McFly and Busted (minus the one with the big eyebrows) called a press conference in London to announce they will be touring as MCBUSTED in 2014. Gah.

Now that we’ve recovered from the general excitement of it all, we’ve collected ourselves enough to actually type up what the six lads had to say about their new supergroup – which ranges from how the whole thing came about, what Charlie Simpson thinks about it all – and Tom’s wife Giovanna giving birth live on stage.

OK THEN. Read on to find out all the inside gossip….

Matt and James, you’re back here. Last time you were here in a situation like this, [when they announced Busted were splitting in 2004] it was very different. So what is it like being back here for this?

Matt: Yeah it’s good man it’s good, it’s good to be here for something positive because last time was quite depressing, so this time at least it’s quite cheerful.

James: Yeah, I remember it last time I was really sad about it, and we didn’t think we’d ever come back. We never thought that we’d ever play any of this music again, because Charlie was definitely very set on doing his own thing – he’s still very happy doing that – and so when this whole thing came around to do it all together we really got excited about it, and so now we’re here for a happy reason.

So why did now feel like the right time to do it?

Harry: Well we’d just had our ten year anniversary as a band. We had the shows at the Royal Albert Hall and wanted to have guests, and it just made perfect sense to have Matt and James. It was so special that we just thought ‘this is something we should do’. We’ve always got on so well with them and it hasn’t changed the dynamic between the four of us, so why not?

There are two names joined there, there’s a full Mcfly but a member of Busted missing. Was there ever any chance of him [Charlie Simpson] coming and doing this?

James: We’ve hung out with him haven’t we?

Matt: Yeah we’ve had connections

James: We went round his house actually for the first time about a year and a half ago, and it was very comfortable and easy and er yeah, he’s not ready to do this yet, we don’t know if he will, but we are good friends. I think some people like to make out that we don’t get along because it’s good drama and stuff but we do actually. I spoke to Charlie yesterday on the phone and he’s doing his thing, he’s got his album that he’s working on and we are good friends.

Matt: Busted have been approached quite a few times to do the comeback thing, y’know like The Big Reunion. The Big Reunion approached us very recently, and, I mean, good luck to those guys, I wish the show all the best, but it didn’t feel right for our band. This feels different, it just felt like, it kinda felt obvious, it was like ‘well that feels like an obvious thing to do’.

Dougie: [Whispers something]

Matt: Like what sorry Dougie?

Dougie: I didn’t say that, I did not say anal.

Harry: Also we felt that four Mcflys made up for one Charlie, so we’re kind of his replacement.

Danny: I’m Charlie. I’m twice the man he is!

So how is it gonna work? ‘Cos there’s a lot of you, and you can all sing…

Tom: We can shout in tune

And you all play an instrument, so that’s a lot of singers and people with guitars on one stage

Danny: Yeah, two bass players for the first time, which is interesting.

Matt: Never been done before, two bass players – probably for a very good reason

Tom: It will never be done again after this. Erm yeah we didn’t know how it was gonna work either until we did the Royal Albert Hall shows, cos there are a lot of guitars up front – but it did.


Has it ever been done before? Two bands combining?

James: I think in America there was New Kids and Backstreet Boys, they did something. I don’t know if was the same as this though –  I think they went on tour together, but we’re gonna be performing together as a  group.

Tom: And also I think what makes it different is that there’s a genuine relationship between us – there were always blurred lines between Mcfly and Busted back in the day, but behind the scenes they were even more blurred. I was nearly in Busted – which I am now, it’s only taken me 10 years. Like the longest audition process ever!

So is this just going to be a tour or is there gonna be an album potentially to follow?

Tom: I think for now it’s just the tour. I think if we come up with something that’s awesome and we write some songs that we think are incredible then we’d love to release it. For now, I think we’re just focusing on going on tour and enjoying that process.

Did you consider beaming Charlie onto stage by hologram?

Danny: That’s a good idea!

Dougie: You just stole that from Take That didn’t you?

James: He’s welcome to come back, we don’t know if he will.

Danny: I thought I was Charlie?

Tom: Just to reinforce though, this is a tour. Mcfly are still going strong, we’ve got an album out in February.


When are you gonna be on TV next?

Tom: Friday!

Harry: Yeah, its our debut TV performance together on Children in Need with the six of us, so we better rehearse. We haven’t even rehearsed yet have we?

Matt: I need to rehearse.

Obviously you’ve now opened the gateway for other bands to come through and maybe do a similar thing like yourselves, who would you love to see get together?

Harry: We’ve patented the idea

Danny: Oasis and Westlife

Tom: Well the thing is like, the thing is if other bands do do it then –

Dougie: [shouts] One Direction and Metallica!

Tom, is your baby due while you are on tour?

Tom: No, just before.

Harry: It’s gonna be a live birth on stage. We’re going to be delivering the baby.

Dougie: It’s going be on the E! channel, filmed.

Matt: It’s the support act

Dougie: Are you gonna eat the afterbirth?

Tom: I’ll put it in a little doggie bag for you, you can try it .

AND ON THAT NOTE, we’ll end things shall we? What do you reckon to all this – how excited are you about the McBusted news?




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