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McFly did a Q&A on their facebook page today and they replied lot of different things from mcbusted,to xmas,to places to visit… I transcripted all of the questions they did answer not all the actual ones on the page as there were more than 2500 questions and they didn’t answer most of them. Also I added to the gallery a pic of them on the facebook offices and an instagram one from Harry.

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Q:You like my room?


Q:What’s your favourite Christmas song?
A:Wonderful Christmas Time
A:Epic song!

Q:Whats your favourite thing about christmas?
A:Food, Santa, Family, Presents!

Q:What’s the OMFG zone going to be like??
A:Insanely AWESOME!!!!! Seriously, they are going to be so cool!

Q:do you think mcbusted will last forever????
A:We don’t know yet.

Q:Danny….. Logic pro 9 or Logic X?
A:We’re on Logic X

Q:can you record some of your old songs? that would be wicked
A:Yeah, that’d be sick. We should redo Year 3000 as McBUsted!

Q:Fave member of mcfly

Q:Are you answering everyone’s questions?

Q:Is today the day you beauties acknowledge I exist? (Please say yes!)

Q:Will there be any McBusted surprises during the concerts next year?
A:It’ll be a surprise!

Q:And,… any advice for a new songwriter?
A:Never give up, never surrender

Q:Do you guys liked of “Catching Fire”?
A:Hell yeah!!!!

Q:It was worth the pain, favorite song

A:That’s awesome!

Q:When are you guys gonna come on tour in the US?
A:We’d LOVE to

Q:Favourite ice creanm?;)
A:Mint choc chip!

Q:Tom what’s your favorite movie from Disney ?
A:I’ve got way too many!!!!!

Q:Will you be doing a McBusted album?
A:Maybe. We’re going to write some songs and see what happens!

Q:Hey guys you did an incredible ten year anniversary show, question is will you do a fifteen year one and how would you beat the ten year one? P.s can it include bubbles xD
A:Maybe, let’s wait and see when we get there!

Q:What do you guys most like in mcbusted??
A:the ice cream

Q:Are you planning on coming to Spain? You have lots of fans flying to England for the McBusted tour…Any chance of seeing you here? I promise an invitation to the best food and drinks if you do!
A:We’d like to!!!!

Q:Tom, are you worried about missing the birth when you’re on the McBusted tour as I read that the due dates pretty close to it?
A:Nope, baby should be here well before that!

Q:Will you be doing a mcbusted single?
A:Maybe…we’ll see!!!

Q:what’s your favourite woodland creature??

Q:Are you looking forward to Christmas? What do you want?
A:My toes back
A:Harry wants a handbag
A:Fifa 14
A:A fish

Q:hello Guys i wanted to ask if you anytime you come for a show in israel ?or a visit you have alot of funs in here and we are trying for years to try in make you come over here
hope that you Answer me with a lot of love vik

A:We’d LOVE to!!!

Q:Will there be a second Mcfly Show on the tv?:))
A:We’d like to

Q:Danny! does the snack bar have eggs?
A:No…how do they work in these conditions!

Q:Hey Mcfly, I am learning to bass and I was wandering if you have anytips for me to help with playing bass and writing music.

A:Be better than dougie. A lot.

Q:when you are coming to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany? xx
A:Soooooon (we hope)


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