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I added the pics from the article to the gallery.

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Being the king of the jungle, McFly’s Dougie Poynter clearly feels an obligation to protect his animal friends and has just signed up to front a campaign to protect the last two remaining populations of mountain gorillas.

The sponsor a gorilla scheme is being run by the WWF and after traveling to Uganda to see them in their natural habitat, Dougie is keen to get everyone involved in the campaign.

“Coming to Africa to see gorillas in their natural habitat has just been incredible, an experience I’ll never forget,” he said.

“I’ve learnt so much about the conservation efforts to protect the gorillas, their habitats and the local communities who live alongside them.

“One thing that stands out from my visit is just how big and powerful these amazing creatures are – but at the same time just how fragile they are.

“Not everyone’s lucky enough to see wild gorillas first hand, but by adopting one with WWF you can do your bit to help protect them,” he added.

We’re not sure there’s any better combination that a FIT musician and some adorable animals.

Quotes from the pics:

Here he is with a ginormous stick. Probably observing some gorillas and using his jungle king charms on them.

Look like we’re not the only ones who like touching him on the face..

Heeeeere’s Dougie. Peering out from behind a leaf as it would happen.




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