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With only 22 shopping days left until Christmas, there’s no time to hang about searching for the perfect gift. So, look no further than WWF’s exclusive mountain gorilla adoption, featuring Dougie Poynter from pop band McFly.
Dougie recently visited the last two remaining mountain gorilla populations in the world, to launch WWF’s newest adoption and help raise awareness of the conservation efforts to help protect them. His amazing journey to the heart of the jungle, where he comes face to face with these incredible great apes, is captured on an exclusive DVD as part of this unique adoption pack.

Available to buy from www.supportgorillas.com for just £3 per month – the same as all the other WWF adoptions – you’ll receive all of the usual elements of the standard adoption (cuddly toy, certificate, bookmarks, stickers, fact book on your animal, WWF booklet) plus this amazing DVD. You’ll also receive a stand up photo card of Dougie in the jungle with the gorillas.

Threatened by loss of habitat, poachers’ snares and risk of disease, the critically endangered mountain gorilla is found in the border areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dougie’s jungle journey starts in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and ends in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Dougie said: “Going to Africa to see gorillas in the wild was an awesome experience that I’ll never forget. I learnt so much about the conservation efforts to protect these great apes, their habitats and the local communities who live alongside them. WWF wants to ensure that the mountain gorilla has a future and so do I. By taking out an adoption, you’ll help protect the gorillas, and ensure the people who live alongside them have a much better way of life. So go ape this Christmas and take out a mountain gorilla adoption – it’s the perfect gift idea that lasts all year round!”

There are many complex challenges facing mountain gorillas. The gorillas’ home is right in the middle of a densely populated region with high levels of poverty and conflict. More than a million people live and depend on the forests where the animals live. Unfortunately, the need for land in order to grow food has greatly reduced the gorillas’ forest habitat. Poaching and capture for the illegal pet trade adds further pressure. WWF is part of a coalition called The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) that works with local communities to help protect the mountain gorilla.

IGCP is a joint initiative of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Fauna and Flora International (FFI), and WWF. IGCP’s mission is to conserve the critically endangered mountain gorillas and their habitat through partnering with key stakeholders while significantly contributing to sustainable livelihood development. Together IGCP and WWF have supported projects such as environmental awareness and education initiatives, developing protected areas, and promoting sustainable livelihoods and reforestation projects.

Adopting a gorilla with WWF is a fantastic gift idea, especially for Christmas. Money raised from WWF’s mountain gorilla adoption will help fund training and equipment for anti-poaching teams, as well as supporting work being done to reduce the difficulties that can arise when gorillas and people live close by. WWF is working with local people to help them find more sustainable ways of making a living that rely less heavily on the forest, such as ecotourism. This generates income for the national parks and creates much needed local employment. Adopting couldn’t be easier – simply visit: www.supportgorillas.com

WWF is also launching an exciting competition…
Dougie Poynter has organised for one lucky winner to meet him and the rest of the band at an upcoming McFly concert and to see the live show. Dougie will also sign and let you keep one of his much loved guitars too! To be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize, we’re asking you to help Dougie support mountain gorillas, by adopting one with WWF. There will also be one runner up prize of two tickets to see McFly live. Terms and conditions apply. To find out more please go to: www.supportgorillas.com



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