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Last weekend we were sent into a bit of a pop tizz, when it was reported that McFly’s dreamy Dougie Poynter had split from his long term girlfriend and shimmied over to Ellie Goulding for a shoulder to cry on and probably talk about lizards with to cheer himself up.

But to the surprise of approximately no one, that very confusing tall tale has been blasted by the Dougster himself, who’s assured us all that he and La Goulding are just well good mates. Comprendez, dingos?

According to The Mirror last week, Doug is now officially a free agent having separated from Lara Carew-Jones who he’s been dating for a couple of years. But rather than popping round to our house for some rebound snogging like we were hoping for, he was apparently canoodling with Ellie.

They reported that the pair were seen at the Cosmo awards “queued up at the sweets table together holding hands, giggling over marshmallows and lollypops”. OKAY THEN, apparently we now live in some kind of fairy land where bunny rabbits are made of candy floss and it rains chocolate buttons.

But Dougie has HIT OUT today to deny the romantic rumours, spilling: “She’s just a friend. We’re people hanging out together.” So we won’t be getting a rather epic Starry Eyed/Star Girl ballad mash-up from those two any time soon then. Which is a bit of a shame.

HAVING SAID THAT, we have heard all this ‘just good friends’ scpiel appoximately 8 billion times before from celebs who are later spotted locked in a game of tonsil tennis.

Although we think it’s probably more likely that Dougie’s getting it on with that hot young slice from the Love Is On The Radio vid tbh.

What do you reckon to the Dougie and Ellie rumours? Reckon Dougie’s telling porkies and there is something going on, or are they just good mates? Still hoping he gets back with Lara?

Here he is getting snogged by the rest of McFy and making our ovaries go smushy. Standard.



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