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The McFly lads are an emotional bunch it seems and apparently last year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations were tearful ones for the boys.

Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd got together, along with their friends and families on December 31st 2012 to bring in the first minutes of 2013 with one another and apparently they ended up sobbing like babies.

In an interview with Bliss magazine, the singers were asked to describe their worst New Year’s Eve yet and Dougie confessed:

“Most of them are pretty boring….”

“I have had one good New Year’s Eve I think….”

Danny admitted that he isn’t a big NYE fan, saying that most of them turn out to be an ‘anticlimax.’

He added:

“Everyone thinks they are going to feel something different as soon as it hits 12 o’clock but….”

Harry had some interesting details about last year though and teased Danny saying:

“Having said that, you and Tom did cry last NYE…”

Dan tried to save face and joked:

“Because I partied too hard!”

But Dougie spilled the beans and he revealed:

“We were all together and it was like ‘Happy New Year’s guys!’ and they were like [crying] ‘I love you guys.”

Meanwhile Tom has been celebrating this week after it was revealed that a video he made was the second most popular UK video on Youtube in 2013.

The star recorded a song he wrote and performed for his new wife on their big day and to date it has had almost 12 millions views online.

He tweeted:

“I just read that my wedding speech was the 2nd most popular video on YouTube of 2013! That’s frickin crazy awesome. Thanks if you watched it”



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