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Harry Judd, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter talk weddings, Valentine’s Day and bust-ups in the band…

When new! arrives at Universal Records for our chat with McFly, we are warned that Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd are in a “boisterous” mood.

And sure enough, when we enter the lads’ dressing room, they’ve disappeared, forcing their PR to round them up in the canteen.
Singer and guitarist Tom, 27, is first to return, shortly followed by bassist Dougie, 25.
Harry, 27, joins us a little later, apologising profusely, “I just got told during lunch that our break isn’t actually until later. I’m so sorry!”
Unfortunately, fourth band member Danny Jones, 26, isn’t able to join us, but the other three boys make up for his absence with plenty of jokes and banter.
And with the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, we have a lot of ground to cover.
Tom and Harry recently married their long-term sweethearts, 28-year-old Giovanna Falcone (sister of TOWIE star Mario) and former Escala violinist Izzy Johnston, also 28.
Tom caused an internet sensation when he posted a video clip of his wedding speech song on YouTube – just a day before Harry’s wedding pictures were published.
Talk about stealing his mate’s thunder!
Meanwhile, Danny is dating former Miss England Georgia Horsley and Dougie is happily loved-up with girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones, who he met through bandmate Harry.
The former I’m A Celebrity winner has been open about his struggle to get over his 2010 split from The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford, 24, admitting in McFly’s book Unsaid Things… Our Story that he attempted to end his life before being treated for depression at The Priory.
It’s great to see Dougie back on track and his bandmates reckon he could even be the next to walk down the aisle.
Here, the boys tell us about their wonderful weddings, Valentine’s Day mishaps and touring with wives and girlfriends in tow…
Tom, it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a married man. What are your plans?
It is! I think Gi has arranged a lunch with her friends and I haven’t been invited to that one [laughs].
I haven’t got any plans yet, but I might make a nice dinner.
Harry, you also got hitched recently. What about you?
[Laughs] No, we’ve sealed the deal now. The contract’s been signed; romance is dead.
Do you flash the cash on Valentine’s Day?
Harry: No, it’s all about the thought. I still remember my first Valentine’s Day with Izzy – she cooked me a meal and laid out a heart on the table. I wet-shaved for the occasion, but then I broke out in loads of little spots.
I was trying to be a traditional gentleman, but it backfired. It was the last wet shave ever.
Dougie: They were heart-shaped spots though!
Have you always been such romantics?
H: [Laughs] I went to an all-boys school so we had to improvise.
No, some of us sent letters to a mixed school nearby. In fact, Dougie’s now-girlfriend probably had a few Valentine’s Day cards written to her because her brother went to my school.
So you introduced them then?
Oh yeah, I’ve known her way longer than Dougie has.
He was in love with Lara before he even met her, just from seeing pictures and the way I described her. I played Cupid – and they’re the perfect match.
D: [Laughs] That’s how I judge people, on their Facebook profile pictures.
Is Dougie going to be next down the aisle?
H: Their story makes me think things like that are fate, that it’s meant to be.
D: Yeah. We’re twin flames, a step up from soulmates [also known as twin souls, it means the other person is the other half of your soul]. My girlfriend is obsessed with the idea.
You can find a soulmate, but that’s the easy part. Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.
Tom, we have to talk about your wedding speech song. Did the boys help you?
I wrote a normal speech and it was so bad.
I couldn’t even read it out to myself without cringing.
We were on tour and I had a piano in my hotel room, to help me write, so I thought, “I wonder if I could sing it?”
I asked Danny to help me with the music, but I didn’t tell him the lyrics or exactly what I was doing.
It took me a week to write.
Were you very nervous?
I was absolutely terrified.
On the day, the nerves came and went in stages.
You have the euphoria of getting married and then you have the lovely drinks reception, talking to everyone… but when you sit down for dinner the nerves kick in. It was the worst part of the wedding.
Did you earn massive brownie points for your speech?
Yes, everyone was really nice afterwards.
Harry and Dougie, you got a mention in the song. Did you cry?
H: Yes, I cried. For sure!
You were best men. Did you embarrass Tom in your speech?
Tom: Their best men’s speech…
D: It pushed the boundaries.
H: We hadn’t really been to many weddings, so we thought the best men’s speech is all about being outrageous.
D: Apparently it’s not…
T: There was lots of very bad language.
Harry, we heard you had an amazing first dance with Izzy at your wedding?
D: [Laughs] Yeah, he danced his speech!
H: [Laughs] I danced on my head. No, but we did a good first dance. I would like to put it on YouTube, but Tom has set the bar too high now.
It would look like I’m trying to get a viral hit.
Did Tom steal your thunder by posting his speech a day before your wedding pictures were published?
H: Yes, he did steal my thunder. I will upload my wedding dance when you do your divorce shoot!
No, they were both very special weddings.
Dougie, do you feel the pressure to top that when you get married?
I’ve got an idea but it’s not what everybody is expecting…
H: I’m not coming, because I know what the idea is! My RSVP will be, “Sorry mate, can’t make it.”
D: What can I reveal without giving away too much? There will be a petting zoo, for sure.
But nowhere to wash your hands… Basically, everyone else’s wedding day has been the best day of their lives and guests had an amazing time. I can’t top that, so I’ll do the opposite and create the worst.
H: I know you’re not a bad person, so I know you wouldn’t inflict that on the bride.
D: I would have got married before, in secret.
It’s basically going to be the worst day of everyone’s lives.
Are you going to tour with your Memory Lane greatest hits album?
T: Yeah, in April and May. We’re going to travel all around the UK.
Will your wives and girlfriends join you?
H: Yes, try and stop them!
T: We should get a marital tour bus…
H: They sit at the other end of the coach and read while we play the Xbox.
Izzy still loves watching our gigs. I’m like, “Are you not bored yet?!”
You boys have been together for ten years. Do you ever fall out?
T: We have our moments. We bicker.
D: Usually it’s about childish stuff.
T: Like, who has got the best pet, or whose dad could beat up the other dads… My mum’s spaghetti is better than yours…



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