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MSN Entertainment were lucky enough to grab half an hour with the lovely McFly boys and give their fans a chance to ask them questions about anything, including their new book Unsaid Things, superpowers and One Direction. Check out the highlights from the webchat…

MSN Entertainment: If one member of One Direction could join McFly, who would you pick?
Tom: I think I’d pick Niall, he’d be the most entertaining. And he could make us famous in America.
Dougie: But we’d have to change his name to Nigel!

LucyBMX asked: Why change his name to Nigel?
Danny: We had nicknames for them all… Niall wanted one so I gave him Nigel. Zayn’s was Manny (he’s a Philippino boxer), Barry Styles… I can’t remember the others.

Allegra_GD asked: Which are your favourite McFly songs?
Tom: I like the new one a lot, it’s my favourite one we’ve done in a while.
Danny: If You See Kate, we all like that one.

RitaD_25 asked: what’s the best thing ever happened in a tour?
Tom: The guy who owns the Back to the Future Delorean came and visited us on tour.
Danny: I got an ingrown toe-nail! I actually did, I had to have it operated on. It was a tour-nail.

McflyMad asked: If you had any magical powers what would they be and why?
Harry: The power to make people’s clothes disappear!
Danny: I’d like to fly. I’d keep forgetting there’d be ceilings and roofs, I’d hit my head!

MSN Entertainment asked: Harry, are you watching Strictly this year, and if so who are you rooting for?
Harry: Yes, I am watching Strictly this year, I’m rooting for lots of people. I tell you why; last year I didn’t like it when I read that people said they were rooting for someone else!

Katie Emms asked: When is the next album being released?
Tom: The Best Of comes out in November and there’s a new song from that called Love Is Easy. Album number six at some point…

Ellieeee asked: who is the smelliest member?
Dougie: It depends which flavour… Danny is veggie, if you like spice in your life, Harry’s your man!

TooCloseForClar asked: Who are your idols?
Danny: Billy Idol!
Dougie: Hunter from Gladiator.

MSN, Matt Yelland
McFly with MSN Entertainment’s Lucy
Sweetalbiol13 asked: Favourite part of your body?
Danny: I like the metatarsal in my foot!

Camile Poynter asked:

Next year you completed 10 years of your career. What do you expect to happen in 10 years?
Tom: It’s hard to predict, I don’t think anyone would have predicted how the last 10 years have gone. Hopefully we’ll all still be alive :).

DIVEMELISSADIVE asked: Dumbledore or Gandalf???
Dougie: Gandalf.
Tom: But Dumbledore’s magic is a bit more obvious…

Mrgoye asked: What are your favourite artists of the moment?
Dougie: Picasso…
Danny: Van Gogh!

Hanfo asked: Who is more attractive:Danny or Harry from One Direction?
Tom: Is this a joke question?
Harry: I’d say it’s tight… I’d say Harry just about takes it. Only cause he’s younger.
Tom: Danny when he was 19.
Danny: Yeah I’d say Harry, he’s fresh.

McFly’s new single Love Is Easy and their Greatest Hits album are both released in November. Their autobiography Unsaid Things is out now!

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