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Mcfly have admitted that they are looking forward to becoming fathers now that they have all settled down.

Talking exclusively to omg! Harry Judd, who wed last year, admitted that all four boys are looking forward to fatherhood, joking that Danny Jones was probably already a Dad.

He said: “Danny already is a dad- dotted around the world. We hope that we will all be daddies one day.”

With Valentine’s day just two days away, we asked the boys what their plans for the big day were.

Harry, however, initially thought that V-day was on the 12th February, rather than the 14th.

After prompting the Strictly champ the actual date, Harry covered up his mistake by claiming that he celebrates the occasion over four days.

He said: “My Valentine’s day lasts four days, two days before and two days after! Starts the 12th and finishes the 16th .”
Well it looks like wife Izzy is in for a very romantic week starting from today!

We then asked what the most romantic thing Mcfly have ever done for their other halves was, with Dougie admitting that he got his girlfriend’s initials tattooed on his elbow.

This romantic gesture however, wasn’t initially meant for Lara Carew-Jones, rather for band mate Harry.

Harry explained: “He’s got the Delorean from Back to the Future on his arm and when we were on tour- lads on tour- I was in my bunk- back in the drinking days and I crashed out first.

“Dougie was still up and he came up to my bunk to see if I had any cigarettes. So he was flicking his lighter and to wake me up he just burned his lighter on my arm and I was in a lot of pain and he felt bad.

“So I said if that scars, you’ve got to get my initials tattooed in the number plate of the Delorean and he agreed to it until he got his girlfriend’s tattooed instead.”



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