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The page celebrityredcarpet is asking their readers which one of the two british bands looked better last night at the Pride Of Britain Awards, we of course know that our McFly boys are the absolute winners in this but anyways you can vote for them HERE

The Pride of Britain Awards always has the nation in tears and the 2013 edition of the annual ceremony was no different. Because of this, we went looking for a distraction in the form of a boyband battle with none other than UK pop veterans McFly and (comparitive) new kids on the block, The Wanted.

Posing on the red carpet, the two groups were like “then and now” versions of each other so we had to ask: which band is better looking?

All about the hair
Everybody knows that a decent boyband has a great hairstyle repertoire – Take That, Boyzone, The Backstreet Boys and N*Sync for example – and neither McFly nor The Wanted are exceptions to this rule.
Manufactured though they may appear, they sure know how to pull of a texturized quiff or floppy set of curtains when the occasion arises!

If anything, McFly are the more relaxed of the two with Dougie and Tom rocking messy side-swept styles and Danny and Harry casually slicking their hair back on the red carpet. The Wanted, on the other hand, were trying a little bit harder with more carefully crafted hairstyles and pouts to match.

The verdict?
For us, McFly are the out and out winners due to the total lack of seriousness. Mind you, who doesn’t love to see a chiselled duckface every now and then?



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