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McFly released today the single artwork for Love Is On The Radio.. what do you guys think of it? you like it? you miss their 4 pretty faces on it?

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While loads of bands chuck the towel in after a decade to focus on ‘finding themselves’ (read: releasing a flop solo album and opening supermarkets up and down the country), McFly are at the top of their ruddy game right now. After celebrating their ten-year anniversary with a few Royal Albert Hall gigs last month, the boys are back with their brand spankin’ new single Love is on the Radio. And guess who’s got their filthy paws on the exclusive single artwork?

Oh hey – Sugarscape have got their filthy paws on the single artwork, obv. And it looks a little bit like this.

Now you may notice the absence of four rather fit faces. But, like, that doesn’t even matter. Deserts are the place to be right now anyway – Britney said so. They’re probably in that shed having some kind of barn dance. In leopard-print thongs. With Shania Twain. Gah – ‘ave a listen to the tune and you’ll know what we mean.


What d’ya make of the boys’ artwork? Excited for the new album? Agh TELL US EVERYTHING.



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