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We always liked making colourful revision charts a whole lot more than actually trying to remember the meaning of Osmosis, but apparently we’re not the only ones with the very secretive McFly tweeting a snap of the sticker chart they’ve made to keep on top of their new album’s progress.

Tweeting the image, Dougie said: “This is the board of progress for McFly album 6. Some songs are in code form.”

Luckily we are pretty talented when it comes to solving both crimes and popstar secret codes, so we thought we’d have a bash at interpreting the whole thing for you.

From our top class arithmetical skills, we have managed to work out that so far there are 13 songs, presumably represented by Dougie’s lovely little drawings.

We can’t really read what the first two say so we’re going to assume that they are some sort of smushed together grand opening. Hopefully involving an update of what happened to that girl with Five Colours In Her Hair after she got caught out in this summer’s TORRENTIAL AND PERMANENT DOWNPOUR.

The next one is clearly all about luuurrrve and will hopefully involve a blow-by-blow account of Tom’s wedding, but the fourth one is a bit more emotional. A dark and philosophical analysis of this time in their life, ‘Kidz’ will surely discuss McFly’s transition from fun-loving guys into proper grownups. That or there’s something that Tom and Giovanna need to tell us.

Number 5 is clearly set to be a remix of the original hit Coca Cola song. We’d imagine the video will also feature Dougie and Harry rocking out in a polar bear outfit but the inspiration for number 6 appears to be Flog It. Didn’t you know how much McFly love a day time telly auction show?

The seventh must be called ‘Break Me’ and is probably a horror filled account of Dougie’s time having creepy crawlies shoved into every orifice during his time on I’m A Celeb. Well, it’s cheaper than couples therapy for him and Mark Wright anyway.

We don’t want to talk about number 8 as we’re feeling a bit sore that they misspelt DIY, but number 9 seems to be a tribute to the Mario Brothers. We’re not sure what the mysterious yellow H is for but we’d like to think it signified the lads will be asking Harry Styles to dress up as Pricess Peach for their next video.

Ten has to be a tribute to the lads feelings for the world of gingers, probably focusing on how fit Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint are.

In at 11, Do What Ya appears to be McFly’s first foray into the world of rap. Someone hand Danny a bandanna and a grill. He lovest that sort of thing.

Y hearts BE or just plain old YOBE? We don’t know but bearing in mind they’ve made absolutely no progress on it, we won’t worry about number 12 until later.

Last but not least, we are guessing that this one is either going to be called ‘Man Friend’ and be all about their intimiate bromance or is going to be all about how they like watching re-runs of Friends when they’re in public toilets. We really aren’t sure which we’d prefer it to be.

That was quite weird wasn’t it? We’re expecting that McFly will be sending in a request to use our assessment in the album blurb any day now, but what do you think about all this – Have we overlooked any major clues?



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