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I had to copy what our friend Kel from mcflymetro posted because she said exactly the same thing I was thinking.

As you will well know, we, alongside Team Pones, Mission McFly, Fletchersource and Poyntersource (and many other fansites and fans) have been madly campaigning for a McFly version of TheirMag to be made.

It started off when I, Kel, spotted a tweet about the Alexandra Burke/JLS TheirMag posted by the infamous @MarkMeets (legend, if you wanna know where your fave celeb will be, it will be on his website somewhere).

I was intrigued and a few days later I checked out the TheirMag website and after I’d read the information it struck me how great it would be if there was a McFly TheirMag. This was for 4 reasons.

1) First and foremost it was because we would get a 50+ paged magazine entirely about McFly, with exclusive photoshoots and interviews. At the time, the autobiography hadn’t been announced, McFly yearly annuals were no longer made (considering the quality of the unofficial ones, that was probably a good thing).

2) It was available to order worldwide. McFly Metro is really passionate about forging links with McFlyers all over the world. We feel really strongly about worldwide promotion of the boys and helping international fans to do this in whatever way we can.So a magazine that everyone could access was an oppertunity we could not miss.

3) The minimum price for the magazine was £2.99. And not only that but it was a downloadable digital version, so fans didn’t even need to worry about paying shipping fees. By any accounts, and I don’t want to sound arrogant and assume that everyone’s as well-off as we are in the UK, because I know some countries are not, £2.99 would be affordable by most fans. You might not be able to afford £40 annual membership to Super City, but you would probably be able to get a £3 magazine.

4) McFly would get (at least some) editorial control. This was one of the major points for me. Ever since McFly started they have been dogged with the rumours that they’re not a proper band, they don’t write their songs, they mime, they’re not ‘rock’ (like anyone even knows what rock really is!!!!) and it has annoyed not only the band but us fans as well. The very idea that McFly would have an oppertunity to have a full magazine dedicated to them, their music and their individual projects was so appealing. And with it being a one-off magazine, this was not an oppertunity we could afford to miss. We’ve all waited 8-9 years for McFly to be able to solidly talk about the very elements of their songs and their many inspirations. Various interviews down the years have grazed the surface of McFlys’ music but never go into as much detail as we want, or last long enough.

So I started the twitition and enlisted the help of the ‘Famous Five’ as we’ve now nicknamed ourselves (how arrogant ^_^).

Throughout the twitition we were in regular contact with Jase from TheirMag who told us that if we hit 3000 signatures (impossible target it seemed) then a very small print run of the magazine, 2400, would be made.

I won’t lie, we did feel like giving up at times. It felt like we’d never hit the big 3-0-0-0. We crawled, we came to a standstill, went up a few notches, crawled again. And to make matters worse, all attempts to contact McFly and their team to ask for promotional help were met with a wall of silence. We had a few RTs here and there and Webmaster kindly helped us with some messages on Super City but it was obvious we needed to do this ourselves.

But here we are. We’ve made it. Roughly 6 weeks after the twitition was first started we have hit and gone over 3000 signatures.

We decided on Sunday I think, me, Team Pones and Poyntersource to try and attempt a small trend, to get McFlys’ attention. #McFlyTheirMag I’ll be honest I didn’t hold much hope.

We trended worldwide within 5-10 minutes and in the UK within 15 minutes. We went up about 500-600 signatures in the space of 3 hours. McFly army you rocked the boat and put the motion in the ocean.

We now need everyone to email to admin@theirmag.com to be put on a mailing list so that when the magazine is ready you can be updated on how to order it. You need to put ‘McFly Magazine’ in the subject title.

And thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you to the Famous Five.
Thank you to all other McFly fansites who also tirelessly promoted the cause around the clock.
Thank you to the individual fans who solidly plugged and plugged and RT’d our bleating plees every single day.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign.
Thank you to Jase at TheirMag for your support and encouragement.
Thank you to Tom for actually reading the TheirMag leaflet I gave him. Sorry it had Harry’s face on it. It was obvious to me that there was no point giving it to Danny or Dougie because they can’t read. And the only way Harry would look at the piece of paper long enough to read it would be if it had his face on it. So, y’know. Sucks.

Now I suggest you all watch the following video, pat yourselves on the back and have a Sailor Jerries.


Kel @ McFly Metro

PS TheirMag and McFlys’ team will now need to get together and organise everything. The lads have a busy summer with recording the album, summer shows, apparently there’s a single release (song title, release dates TBC) but we’re hoping it will happen around this time. So for now, be proud of yourselves, sit back and rest. When we get any details we’ll let you know.


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