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It seems like everyone is trying to advise Miley Cyrus on what to do and what not to do to help her out as she seems to be changing from the girl next door that everyone once knew.

While that’s nice an all we’re not sure whether she’ll take anything on board but McFly have given it a try as they spoke at the Pride of Britain Awards earlier this week.

British boy band McFly recently celebrated their ten year anniversary with a string of shows at the world famous Royal Albert Hall in London.

Ten years is a long time and they’re still going strong and show no signs of slowing down.

Speaking at the Pride of Britain Awards earlier this week the band discussed the very popular and controversial Miley Cyrus.

They joked about her recent antics and said that instead of doing what everyone wants and toning it down that instead she should just go crazy and be herself:

“Should we write Miley an open letter?” They joked.

“You do need to do what they (record label) say, lick those objects and get more naked! Sledgehammers? Start licking cars!”

Dougie Poynter added: “You’ve got to up it, up it! Make love to a wheelbarrow next, yes!”

McFly then went on to discuss their forthcoming single and admitted that it should be ready for the radio waves very soon:

“We’re making love to wheelbarrows… We’ve just actually given the thumbs up to the mix of our new single.”

“We’ve just come fresh from the studio and hopefully that’ll be on the radio within days. It’s a banging tune as well.”

While you’re here you may as well have a listen to McFly because lets face it, if you clicked into the story, you’re a fan.



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