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Pretty much everyone in the music industry has sent a bit of advice to Miley Cyrus about what she should do next, but we reckon that McFly’s little pearls of wisdom might be the greatest ones so far in bettering her controversial career. Soz Sinead O’Connor, but Nothing Compares 2 McFly.

The lovely McLads know what they’re talking about when it comes to a successful career, seeing as they’ve been going strong for ten years now, and the boys have been using their expertise to talk all things twerking (but sadly not actually doing any, meh) and chat about where they think Miley should take her career next.

Is that ‘cos she’s a weirdo hanging on a wrecking ball in mid-air? Do do do do do DO.

Even though loads of folks think she needs to put a cardi on and have a cup of tea, McFly reckon that Miley should just keep doing or licking whatever it is that her tongue might come across, and in their profesh opinion, she doesn’t need to tone it down.

“Should we write Miley an open letter?” they pondered at the Pride of Britain awards. They offered her some advice, saying “You do need to do what they (record label) say, lick those objects and get more naked! Sledgehammers? Start licking cars!”

And that was before Dougie added: “You’ve got to up it, up it! Make love to a wheelbarrow next, yes!”

HMMM. Funny that, seeing as earlier in the week young Douglas proved that he and Miley are actually the same person by sharing this pic on Twitter… It was him in the nude bikini all along, folks.

Chatting about what they’ve been up to recently (it sadly doesn’t involve Tom twerking on Danny in a stripey suit), revealing “We’re making love to wheelbarrows… We’ve just actually given the thumbs up to the mix of our new single.”

“We’ve just come fresh from the studio and hopefully that’ll be on the radio within days. It’s a banging tune as well.” So that’s exciting, innit? Can we all try and focus on that for a bit instead, rather than the inside of Miley’s vagina mouth ?

What do you think of Miley’s advice for the future? Should she get naked and slide around on a wheelbarrow for her next vid?



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