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If you’ve been a dedicated McFlyer since the days of Tom being just a little bit fat, Danny having the straightest hair ever known to man, Dougie never speaking human words and Harry pre-Lindsay Lohan (NEVER FORGET), you’ll probably be pretty emosh about their ten year anniversary.

To celebrate a decade of McWonder, the lads are hitting the swanky Royal Albert Hall next weekend for a set of exclusive, sold out gigs for their most loyal fans, and today the boys have been sharing some good ol’ teasers about what we can expect.

According to the Instagram vids that Tom and Danny shared with the world this morning, next weekend will be filled with red velvet for us all to park our tushes on, the biggest organ we ever did see (sounds a bit rude), and Harry’s DELIGHTFULLY muscular arms.

This literally could not get any better.

Whilst the lads didn’t actually tease anything useful like what songs you can expect to hear them play, or whether they’ll be sporting those matching waistcoats, just seeing them in the mega posh venue has got our McHearts all a-flutter.

We can hear a little bit of Tom tinkling on the piano in the background of Danny’s vid, but we can’t work out what song it is. So basically this has helped us in no way whatsoever, other than to get us so excited that a little bit of wee nearly came out. Better now than on the red velvet.

And don’t forget, if you didn’t manage to bag tickets, you’ll be able to watch the whole thing in bed, as the lads are streaming the entire show. Result.

Anyone heading to the McFly ten year anniversary gigs next weekend? AWOOOO.



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