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Harry Judd finally opens up about that night with Lindsay Lohan, while Danny and Dougie admit to pulling a mother and daughter!

Following the release of their tell all book (and when we say tell all, we mean tell all) Unsaid Things: Our Story, we trotted along to meet McFly at their book signing yesterday afternoon for a chat about all things s-e-x.

Well, that’s not all we chatted to the boys about, but this is the first part of our video interview with Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Danny Jones.

If you’ve read the autobiography (if you haven’t you should, it’s genuinely funny, heartwarming, fluid and alarmingly honest), you’ll know that the chaps don’t hold back when it comes to their, er, enjoyment of being a young, successful and FIT band.

And one of the best parts is Harry’s full account of what happened that night with Lindsay Lohan.

While we knew the pair had kissed, we didn’t know that Lindsay had gone after Harry on a night out like some sort of sexual predator and made some serious moves on the posh hunk.

Harry says in the book: “She was doing everything she could to fuel my ego, telling me how she loved my accent and how she didn’t get with actors any more, only musicians.

“It makes me cringe to think about it now, but I responded in kind. This was like Notting Hill, I told her. I was Hugh Grant and she was Julia Roberts. She loved that.

“Then things started to get a bit more serious. A bit steamier.

“One thing led to another. We moved from first base to second base, and then, just as I was about to seal the deal, Danny walked in, ‘Oh sorry, mate!’

“For a while Lindsay and I carried on getting a bit frisky but gradually she started to sober up. ‘You’ve got to leave before eight’, she said. I didn’t really want to leave. We had unfinished business.

“But then she announced she was tired, pulled one of those airplane eye-masks over her eyes and went to sleep. So much for my romantic night of passion.”

Meanwhile, it turns out that Danny was ‘like a kid in a candy shop’ during McFly’s single stint (they’re all happy in relationships now… hmph) and had quite the few nights of passion with groupies. On one night, he and Dougie even cracked onto a mother, daughter duo.

Danny writes in the book: “It soon turned out that this girl’s mum was keener to get the party going than her daughter was.

“We hadn’t been talking long when, all of a sudden, she got one of her t**s out in the middle of the bar.

“Her daughter was embarrassed, ‘Mum, stop it!’, but we were loving it, and egged her on for a repeat performance.”

Dougie added: “The four of us went to my room.

“The instant the door was shut behind us, the mum stripped down to her black thong, bra and not much else.

“Danny sidled up to me. ‘Mate, I’m going to take the blonde back to my room. You’ll have to entertain her mum’.”

We’re going to stop you there and direct you to the video above, where we talk to McFly about the above in detail, and get their take on the naughty subjects now that their story is out there in the public. Enjoy!

McFly’s autobiography, Unsaid Things: Our Story, is out now.

You can watch the video at the SOURCE


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