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Besides that whole minor sold out McBusted reunion tour thing, McFly have got a lot on their plate at the moment – starting with brand new single Love Is On The Radio. This means that when we met up with them for a chat, the conversation was extremely serious, based mainly upon very serious music chat.

Oh, and Dougie Poynter touching up the other lads with a foam finger.

If you’ve seen the video for the shiny new track, you’re no doubt aware that Dougie has been channelling a bit of Miley Cyrus lately, snogging sledgehammers left, right and centre. But that’s not where it ends and while he might not have got naked with a Wrecking Ball just yet, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t considered buying himself a turban and dating Liam Hemsworth.

Oh alright, we might have made that last bit up, but will the boys teasing the set list for the McBusted tour make it up to you? Good – and if that fails there’s always the fact that they also had a lot to say about the size of each other’s bodily appendages, although Harry seemed totally unimpressed with how small and wet Dougie’s is.

Suppose you can’t win them all, but check out what went on below…



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