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In a recent interview with Capricho Magazine during his visit to Brasil, the guys talked about some celebrities.

Robert Pattinson
Tom: Sexy.
(Dougie grimaces and mimics vampire)
Dougie: Xi, brooch!
(Danny laughs a lot)
Tom: He’s cool!

Justin Bieber
All together: Fringe.
Dougie: Yeah … Hair.

Demi Lovato
Tom: Vanilla Ice Cream. It is delicious!
Dougie: I mean … She is so sweet!

Jonas Brothers
Harry: Three brothers!
Dougie: Yes, brethren. Delicious!
Danny: Friendship. Musketeers.

Danny: Cool.
Harry: Talented!
Dougie: Ohhh, Hayley is a pretty picture!
Danny: Hayley is very sexy!
Harry: Great singer

Tokio Hotel
Harry: Ah, hair!

Kristen Stewart
Tom: Mysterious
Harry: Mysteriously beautiful!

Rebecca Black
Dougie, Harry and Danny: What?
Tom: The one who sings “Friday”! (Starts to sing)
Harry: Oh, yeah. I.. I like her. She’s really buzzing by the people, but we love it!
All: Yeah, we like the Black Rebecca!

Prince William
(Everyone thinks too much)
Harry: Future King
Danny: Chic
Dougie: King, King … (Imitating the King) King William!

Miley Cyrus
Danny: Versatile

Zac Efron
Harry: Spotted!
Tom: Tasty

Avril Lavigne
Danny: Gostosa
Harry: Well fluffy

Taylor Swift
Tom: Uhm … Country.

Katy Perry
Danny: Katy saucy

Danny: Great! Very cool!

Emma Watson
Danny: Intelligent
Dougie: Burberry (referring to the campaign in which she stars)



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