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As always this is Dougie’s private life so he’s allowed to do what he wants and date who he wants, and iof he says he’s not dating her we should respect his word.

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, McBusted singer Dougie Poynter has denied that he’s dating pop star Ellie Goulding, who has previously been romantically linked to One Direction singer Niall Horan and singer songwriter, Ed Sheeran…

And despite the fact that Dougie and Ellie have been spotted looking very close while out and about on several dates, nonetheless, the former I’m A Celebrity winner said, “She’s just a friend.

“We’re people hanging out together.”

However, that whole We’re Just Friends response to questions about romance is the staple diet item of everyone in showbiz, and in fact, after Ellie herself protested fairly strongly that she and Ed weren’t dating and were Just Friends, she later confessed that they had in fact been romantically involved.

Ditto for One Direction singer Harry Styles and his ex, Taylor Swift. Both insisted they were Just Friends for weeks before it finally emerged they were in fact dating.

But what I don’t get is why famous people don’t just say, “Yep, we’re dating.”

I mean, who really cares onoe way or the other if we’re being honest?

However, in other news relating to Dougie, it’s been reported that McBusted – which is of course the supergroup comprising members of McFly and Busted – will headline at next year’s British Summer Time festival in London’s Hyde Park.

Of that, Dougie’s band mate Matt Willis told The Sun, “It does feel ridiculous. Bruce Springsteen played Hyde Park…

The Rolling Stones played Hyde Park, now McBusted.

“Can you imagine if someone from another country asks who is going to play Hyde Park? ‘Is it the Rolling Stones? No, it’s McBusted. Who?!’”



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