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DOUGIE Poynter had a major health scare days before McFly’s Biz Session – when a friend wrongly diagnosed him with a brain tumour.

Having sought his mate’s opinion on his crippling migraine, the worried bassist dashed to his local doctor – who quickly allayed his worst fears.
Before soldiering through his band’s three-song set at The Sun’s studio, Dougie revealed: “One guy said it was a tumour but the doctor told me you don’t get headaches from tumours.
“I think it’s because I’ve got a really small head and my brain is getting bigger because I’m just far too intelligent.”

Bandmate Tom Fletcher joked: “I think it’s the opposite – it’s because your brain’s so small, it’s just rattling around in there.”
Ailing Dougie said his migraine had started three days prior to his band’s session, adding: “I’ve been supressing it with Nurofen.
“I woke up the other morning, took some tablets and then threw them up 10 minutes later. Then I started to panic: ‘Oh f***, it’s a tumour.’”

Dougie managed to cope with the high noise levels as he and his pals Tom, Danny Jones and Harry Judd performed new single Love Is Easy, No1 hit Obviously and a cover of 60s classic Twist And Shout.
Fast approaching their 10-year anniversary, Tom explained why they’ve decided to release a greatest hits album – five years after their last ‘best of’ collection.

He said: “We ignore the first one and pretend it didn’t happen. It was too early in our career to justify it and we didn’t want to do it at the time – we were made to.
“It’s been a whole year of reminiscing – we’ve brought the autobiography (Unsaid Things) out and it feels like a nice time to look back and reflect on our career.

“After almost 10 years, we could justify having a ‘best of’ album. We’ve got plenty of songs to fill it up with.”
The boys arrived for their session looking very dapper in matching jackets, shirts and ties – all courtesy of their new stylist Dougie.
“When I bought them, I had to put them all on, pretending I was each member,” he revealed.

“For Harry, I just stuffed a load of balloons in the sleeves.”
McFly will be adding the finishing touches to a new batch of songs in early 2013 before heading to the recording studio to make their sixth album.

After their dalliance with dance on 2010 record Above The Noise, the lads will go back to their roots this time around.
Tom said: “We all want to make a McFly-sounding album.

“The last one was our most experimental album. We worked with people like Taio Cruz and Dallas Austin, who were from a different musical area from us, and really wanted to embrace their influence.

“We did that and it was a really interesting experience. But we have a McFly sound – songs like All About You, Obviously and 5 Colours In Her Hair – and we’ve not released any songs like that for a long time until now, with Love Is Easy. We want to do what we do best.”

Far from feeling battered and bruised by the music industry, McFly are still brimming with passion and ambition.
“Even more so now,” asserted Danny.
“We’re inspired by so many things and we’ve still got goals to achieve. We’re still hungry.
“Every album we think we can better. We’re still getting better as songwriters. Especially me.”
Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly is out on November 26.



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