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The McFly boys told us last week that One Direction are more rock ‘n’ roll than they are. Revealing more about the 1D boys – who they have written a song for, the McFly lads chatted about them more, saying their fame is “absolutely insane.”

Speaking to Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live, Tom Fletcher said: “They remind us of us when we first started..but what they’re experiencing at the moment is absolutely insane.”

When asked who the Harry Styles of the band is, Dougie Poynter – who’s cut his hair and looks a far cry from the rockabilly bush-baby who came back from last year’s I’m A Celebrity – joked that it was Harry Judd, who said: “If we had a a Harry [Styles] then I think we might be having the same success, they are on another level.

The drummer for the quartet, who was perhaps the most successful in the band’s attempted break of America when he ended up allegedly spending a night in Lindsay Lohan’s hotel suite, continued: “It’s a lot to do with timing and mainly they just work and they have this chemistry. The songs have been great and you can just see how it works.”

Danny Jones also chipped in: “Louis was saying the other day he still can’t believe it and he can’t stop pinching himself!”
Awww! Isn’t it lovely to see two boybands getting on so famously.

Maybe The Wanted can take a leaf out of McFly’s book and be a little nicer to the One Direction boys? Well…we can dream.



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