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Does anyone remember long, long ago when Dougie Poynter was the shy one in McFLY? Nope us neither. It would seem the Dougster has been reincarnated into some kind of honey voiced crooner, as McFly have released an exclusive video of Captain Dougwash taking lead vocals on their latest single, Love Is Easy.

Be prepared for an ovary explosion. And for any bad moods to evaporate into thin air. And for the sun to come out from behind the clouds and little bunny rabbits to start hopping all round your bedroom. It’s THAT cute.

Just incase the original version was not QUITE perfect enough for you, sit back, relax (and majorly fangirl) with the video below. Tom’s got his ukelele out (there’s an innuendo in there somewhere), Danny’s all serious and guitary, and Dougie looks UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLY HOT. So that’s good.

And don’t forget to check out the exclusive Sugarscape vids with the lads themselves.

Are you liking this Dougie version of Love Is Easy?


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