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So new guitary-type boyband The Vamps might have just stormed onto the pop scene in a flurry of fresh faced-ness and floppy hair, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love the McFly fellas. And now – after telling Miley Cyrus to make love to a wheelbarrow (as you do) and teaming up with (two of) Busted at their recent ten year anniversary shows, our original fave foursome are back with their brand spankin’ new tune Love is on the Radio.

So sort of like a mash-up of Love is Easy and One for the Radio, then? Kind of. Without really sounding anything like either of them.

The boys first performed Love is on the Radio at their Royal Albert Hall gigs last month, and sounds a bit like some kind of Shania Twain song (you’ll understand what we mean when you press play) with loads of ‘Hey!’ bits all over the shop.

Basically it’s bloody amazing and you can get your ears around it below. Awoo.

What d’ya reckon? Loving the lads’ comeback tune? Comments please and a-thank you, you lovely lot.



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