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McFly did a funny photoshoot for Heat Magazine posing as old men!

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Last week the McFly boys proved to us that ten years in music business and a closet full of awards has not gone to their pretty heads.

The lads donned itchy facial hair, wigs and woolly cardigans, giving their other halves an idea of what they might be living with in fifty years.

The gamely foursome got into character for our photo shoot, dressing up as grandads and excitedly texting the pictures to their significant others.

And it seems as though that character might not be too far from the truth for certain members. The boys admitted that fellow boyband One Direction are probably more rock’n’roll then they are.

Recently back from partying with One Direction in America, Tom Fletcher, 27, told Heat: “They’re probably more rock ‘n’ roll than we are. Niall’s a funny guy.”
Harry Judd, 26, added: “Me and Danny had a late night with Niall. I went to bed at 3.30am.”
Tom said: “I went to bed and they were still playing music.”
Harry added: “Tom was on his balcony and Niall said, “Tom, come play some songs!” You were angry at the situation, because you wanted to go to bed.”
Tom replied: “I wanted to chill out.”
Harry responded in a granddad voice: “But instead you went, “No, I’m going to bed!”

Perhaps taking a leaf out of One Direction’s book, the boys also revealed that that they have recently had matching tattoos YMCA tattoos on their feet.

Tom revealed: “It’s become a bit of an LA tradition to go to the worst tattoo shop ever and get a stupid foot tattoo. ” He remained tight-lipped when asked about the meaning of the tattoo, saying: “I can’t tell you anything just yet.”

Read more in this week’s copy of Heat magazine, out now.


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