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Tom Fletcher’s might be going to the chapel but he’ll probably be covered in dairy products and tied to a lamp-post first

Not content with sending Tom Fletcher off to his new life as a married man with any old stag do, the McFly lads have got something a bit more creative planned for his last night as a single man.

In an interview with The Mirror Danny, Harry and Dougie let slip a few details about what they’ve got up their sleeves, saying: “It might involve midgets and lamp-posts.”

“But we can confirm there will be a bathtub, a bowling ball and eight gallons of sour cream. We just want to have a good time.”

A bowling ball? Do we even want to know what that’s all about?

Tom proposed to girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last year and with the big day set for May, he’s already starting to feel a bit jittery about the impending nuptials.

“The planning is going well but I have to write my speech on tour and I’m really nervous about it.

“I quite like that I’m the first of us to get married as the last one is going to get the worst stag do,” he said.

Even though Tom is soon to be off the market for good, it sounds like the other lads aren’t planning on taking the plunge just yet.

“Tom’s like a guinea pig – we’ll see how he gets on before we decide anything,” Danny added.


What else do you think those pesky McFly lads have got up their sleeves for Tom?



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