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This weekend saw WWF’s Earth Hour take place – an annual event celebrating a commitment to the planet and the environment by switching off lights for one designated hour. Briliantly, McFly helped promote the occasion by filming various videos in panda onesies – including The Harlem Shake and a recreation of that infamous baby panda sneeze.

NOT ONLY THAT but they also performed an exclusive candlelit gig at the top of The Royal Festival Hall in London on Saturday night, and we were there to witness every beautiful second of it.

Don’t despair because you were denied the chance to see Harry, Dougie, Tom and Danny in all their onesie finery though – because we got a little snap happy and took SHIZ LOADS of photos for you to drool over.

Adjusting the onesies as they prepare to WOW us with songs like ‘Room on the Third Floor’, ‘Love is Easy’ and ‘Obviously’ among others.

Note the glowing lights on Dougie’s guitar. At one point he performed a ‘trick’ for the audience – which basically involved turning them off after a drum roll from Harry. It was special.

If you’re wondering why the boys appear to have a slight sheen of sweat over their faces – it’s because they do. According to Tom those onesies were ‘boiling’.

Gahd we fancy them. WE FANCY THEM ALL

If you like, you can pretend one of those microphones is your face. Not that that’s what we did or anything. *cough*

Check out Tom’s ukele. He told us all how proud he was to be the only person in the world with a pink one – until Dougie ruined the moment by saying you can buy them on Argos. Aw.

OH HELLO, can we lick you please?

Finally, here’s Harry doing his drummy thang while looking awesome, as usual. What did you make of all that – loving the panda outfits more than life itself?



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