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The McFly boys have a lot to be cheerful about these days. They’re all loved up with various laydees, are about to take a crack at America – and look really, really hot.

So when the lads took to the stage at BT London Live on Saturday – as part of a free series of gigs celebrating the ‘lympics – we weren’t surprised to see that they all looked FULL OF JOY.

So full of joy, in fact, that the photos from the event had us giggling in to our cuppa. Just look:

Danny McFly is having such a good time that he’s actually managed to lose all his teeth. Fallen out from all the excitement, probably.

Has anyone ever looked happier than Tom does while playing guitar?

The answer is yes – Dougie has. Just look at that face, it’s like he’s almost about to pass out from the SHEER PLEASURE OF PERFORMING.

“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid,” said Tom, as he caught sight of himself in the reflection of a fan’s sunglasses.

Danny’s tongue decides to join in on the action. THAT’S HOW MUCH FUN HE’S HAVING.

This photo is our favourite. To have captured the tender moment Tom nestled his head in to Danny’s neck on camera… well, it brings a tear to our eye.

We’d almost forgotten how much we actually FREAKING love McFly. Thankfully, these pictures have reminded us. Although the fact there’s no photos of Harry ‘buffting’ Judd have made us a little bit sad.

Perhaps he actually passed out from all the excitement, and is lying comatose by his drum kit, just out of shot.

Who knows?

Captured by a camera-wielding phone, here’s the boys performing a medley of cover songs at the BT London Live gig. It’s awesome.



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