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Do you know what happens to us sometimes Scapers? We forget how many AMAZING songs McFly actually have. It’s really quite distressing.

Well luckily for us, the boys have recorded this exclusive rendition of one of their very first hits ‘That Girl’ to promote their greatest hits album ‘Memory Lane: The Best of McFly.’

An acoustic rendition, no less. WAHEY.

Watch the vid below to see Tom looks spexy in some awesome glasses, Danny doing some very manly strumming of his guitar and Dougie… well just being Dougie.

As for Harry, don’t worry, he does appear eventually. We’re not sure why he wasn’t singing along from the start though – perhaps he’d only just escaped from that woman who tied him to a lampost and shoved sweets in his gob.

‘Just goblins and hobbits. And wizards’ – hahaha. Whaddya think, do you like?

Here’s McFly trying (and failing) not to laugh as they play the serious lyrics game, if you fancy watching them in action some more.



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