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McFly were on In:Demand today and they talked about album six, mcbusted,tour, they played a guess the song game… Tom actually said they don’t know if we’re having new McFly or McBusted music bcause of all the McBusted hype happening right now..
Also make sure you vote on the poll below.. I wanna know your opinion about a possible McBusted Album.

The band celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in September this year.

Tom says it was a big deal to both them and their supporters, “It was only four shows and they sold out instantly, so we knew that everyone that was in the room were our most loyal and dedicated fans so we had to put on a good show.”

Talking about the collaboration with Busted, to form the band McBusted, Tom said Charlie was never interested in joining in, “We all knew it was never really the plan. We have a very natural relationship with Matt and James, and we never really had that kind of relationship with Charlie. He’s always welcome but I don’t think he’s ready yet.”

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