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McFly say being famous when they were teenagers has left them with a number of psychological problems.

McFly have revealed being famous from a young age has left them with psychological issues.

The boyband – who became the youngest group to have their debut album go straight to number one when they released ‘Room on the 3rd Floor’ – admit their success has left them with anxiety problems and depression.

Drummer Harry Judd said: “I’ve had serious issues with anxiety over the years. For us as a band, it’s not a taboo. We talk about it openly.”

Singer Tom Fletcher – who has been diagnosed as bipolar – admits he struggled for years with dramatic mood swings but he says it has inspired him to be more creative.

He said: “It’s manic depression. When I’m manic I’m inspired. That’s where the best creative stuff comes from.

“But the downs are horrendous – you can’t remember what it’s like to feel happy.”

Harry added: “The diagnosis explained Tom’s behaviour over the past five years. He could be horrible to us, so it was a relief because we all understood what he’s been going through.”

Dougie Poynter has also battled depression which eventually saw him try to commit suicide and he says his life spiralled out of control when he was just 19.

He told the Daily Mail Weekend: “I’m an addict. I have been for many years. I’d struggle as soon as I was left by myself and left in my own head. That’s when the demons would come out. Then I’d get so high I’d end up crashing back down.

“It was out of control when I was 19. But I had to get to a point where I realised, ‘I have to do something about this because I can’t go a day without getting off my head on something.'”



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