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After what feels like our entire lives, there’s not long to wait until McFly release their brand new autobiography, Unsaid Things: Our Story.

If that wasn’t enough of a joy in itself, the lads have decided to celebrate by making a video that naturally ended up revolving around their love of erotic fiction.

We might have been expecting several chapters about who spoons who when they’re off on tour, but we really hadn’t imagined the book to involve in depth tales about their real life experiences of vampires and bondage.

“It’s like all the best books you’ve ever read in one,” Tom said.

It might not be to everyone’s taste though, as Dougie explained, adding: “If you liked Lord of the Rings, then this book’s probably not for you..”

“..But if you like Fifty Shades of Grey, then it is..,” Danny added.

HELL YEAH. You don’t have to tell us twice if it involves both McFly AND casual nudity.

“It’s in the gap where Twilight and Harry Potter meet. Our book is in the middle,” Tom continued.

Sounds.. bizarre, yet naturally we are logging on to pre-order it RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Check out the video..

We can’t help wondering which member that makes Anastasia Steele..

What do you think?

Unsaid Things: Our Story is out on October 11th. Hurrah!



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